who is the greatest person in the world

October 25, 2020

Gregory Pincus (1903 – 1967) American biologist who created the oral contraceptive pill. Modern technology, quality of life increase etc. He should be third on the list! LOT! The child, was given special attention and respect, each ones potential discovered and celebrated. AND HE ALSO IS THE LEADER OF ALL MuslimS. And Stop not till the goal is reached". No one will ever replace him. He changed the world forever, his influence is visible even nowadays! Citation: Pettinger, Tejvan. These are people who promoted peace and good values. Sri Krishna brought spirituality to everyday people and not just acestics. Discipline over women makes him great? 'Behind Einstein's Disastrous First Marriage To Physicist Mileva Marić, Birthplace: Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth, United Kingdom, Birthplace: Hodgenville, Kentucky, United States of America, Credits: The Perfect Tribute, Atlanta Symphony Golden Anniversary, A Tribute to John F. Kennedy from the Arts, Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, Facts We Just Learned About Abraham Lincoln That Made Us Say 'Really? It was very difficult for any other king or emperor to defeat him. Jesus asked again. Jesus Christ God IS...Perfect.Holy.Righteous.Loving.Kind.Friendly.Helpful.Protective.Caring.Sharing.Powerful.Mighty.Compassionate.Forgiving.Empowering.Discerning.Overwhelming.Consuming.Cleansing.Healing.Delivering.Restoring.Moving.Creating.Destroying.Smiting.Fulfilling.Distinctive.Comforting.Providing.Teaching.Training.Purifying.Freeing.Liberating.Preserving.Consigning.Reproving.Addressing.Confiding.Courageous.Victorious.Credited.Historical.Proven.Incorruptible.Infallible.Infallible.Trustworthy.Protected.Immune.Responsive.Privileged.Honorable.Honored.Legitimate.Reliable.Good.Reputable.Celebrated.Praised.Glorified.Famous.Renowned.Loved.Served.Worshiped.Sought.Needed.Required.Requested.Beautiful.L...more, Not to forget:BravePromisingTrueRealHonestEnthusiasticCoolCalmAwesomeForgivingAnd a true Friend. Maybe in a Victorian manner, some finer details were looked over in his work, but ultimately he was an agent of change in the world, striving for equality and an end to monarchism and religious dogma and oppression. Sadly that time has come again for the public to unite together and get rid of the corrupt governments and the police States on this earth, who have established themselves under guise of democracy and the apathy of the masses. Maybe that's why he is not at the top of the list - no female votes? 14 Events That Happened Immediately After Martin Luther King Jr.'s Assassination15 Surprising And Little-Known Facts About Martin Luther King Jr. This legend discovered A.C (Alternatinge Current), which powers the entire universe, an incredible revolutionary thinker he built the future, his views on women then are still true today. Not yet, anyway. He did not believed in miracles and superstition. He remarkably worked for the betterment of people. The sovereignty of scriptures of all religions must come to an end if we want to have a united integrated modern India. One of the greatest thinkers of our time and perhaps the most versatile in its talents form as an artist, sculpture, painter, philosopher, studying anatomy and designing future machines in the 16th century which later cane to fruition. Are you kidding me, placing religious and probably imaginary figures over brightest minds of all time? How much you want for them? He was one of the greatest philosopher of all time, maybe as great as Jesus!

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