what true story was girl fight based on

October 25, 2020

She is still Crazy as always. Orinda, with a population of about 17,500, lies just thirty-three minutes from downtown San Francisco by Bay Area Rapid Transit. She was also a very good student who did well academically in school. I would suggest that you should be able to distinguish between a fictional depiction and reality, but judging from your comments it is clearly beyond your capacity to do so. And yes Bernadette has enough problems, and there’s Virus out there Worldwide that is killing people all over, and Rioters rioting in streets keeping the Virus alive, that is what the World needs to focus on today. Over, if Kirsten bullied B why didn’t B use it to Strenghten her Case. So I would say to any bully, we all have our weaknesses, They’re not up with “Morbid fascinations” due to all the stuff that is going on Worldwide today. I see why her Sisters and mom forgive her, theyre her family and family sticks by you. LP even if she doesn’t get around to much to see people, I’m sure there’s a purpose in her life to. I don’t buy into the lesbian theory. You call the pic of her double chin better looking? Girl Fight, the Lifetime movie based on a true story of teen bullying in Florida, premiered last night. Not boring (ugly, maybe, not boring), and also thus not a natural blonde. This poor girl never got to grow up and experience life all because some horrible, disturbed girl murdered her. You knew both girls? She is a Sociopath. Girls in Jr high and high School can be Brutal. Bernadette will loose it again if she lost it once. It would appear that kirsten marina costas was a spoilt rich kid who never had to go without any luxuries at all. It’s not about them, it’s all about Kirsten who,was,robbed of her life, and robbed from her family. Honestly! I also was in a school where most others came from two income families and most of the parents were accountants, lawyers or doctors. Kirsten was also described as Cute, funny and full of Life, and Bern took that Life. There aren't any reviews yet. The future is right around the corner, it’s a waste to go after someone cause the law didn’t do their job. Just saw the new Lifetime movie “Death of a Cheerleader”. But I do know that two families had to move out of town because the girls wore all black and kept to them selves.. Put God first. She looked like a nice person that had a good life ahead of her. Even a Mother of one of her friends said, Kirsten was like a Puppy and hugged people,,not exclusive and liked everyone. I never saw her actually bully and some said they can’t picture Kirsten ever being “unkind”… Kirsten was loved by many very many. Another DJ initials it was said she was bullied relentlessly as well. Bernadette never said it in her testimony, from what I can tell. By the time she reached Miramonte, Kirsten was in the clique that counted — “the loud crowd,” some kids called it. Bernadette couldn’t of been to nice, she Murdered and watched 2 girls take the blame knowing it took a toll on thier lives and Families. That Movie had Tori Spelling kind of a Bully. Read the article. If Bernadette was so Sweet would of never murdered. But it wasn’t a big fallout, just words between them…….. Karen, where are you? She fit in and was as popular as Kirsten’s 2 close friends (Diane and Stacy), Bernadette wanted more…. You wrote in another comment “, Kristen had it well deserved”. Killing is going to far. Next to Orinda. Your point is irrelevant and has absolutely nothing to do with the case. Shame on such a post you wrote! Wondering if Girl Fight is OK for your kids? People are going by that. If we have the fear of God n understand the importance of God’s creation. Living in orinda back in the 80s&90s was no easy task if you indidn’t wear the right clothes or drive the nice brand new car you wernt shit . You clearly are basing your opinions on a movie – a fictional depiction. Man you all just know Kirsten a small World. My Abuse Story. Yes we all feel that way, but nothing can be done about it, decision has already been made. As they drove, Kirsten seemed unconcerned when Arnold saw the mustard-colored Pinto tailing them. Now the new version of the movie was making Bernadette innocent, when Kirsten was innocent herself. If so, sweetie I want to meet you. She has a right to Privacy. She just got irritated cause Bernadette lied to her and lured her out under false Circumstances, I’d be annoyed and Angry to. I think Kristen called Bernadette out on being a lesbian. Stuck up she was, no Bully. Some girls considered all those girls “Stuck up” they considered Bernadette as well. Rest In Peace Kirsten. Others are not so lucky”. I recently watched the movie 'Girl Fight' which is a true story based on Victoria Tori Lindsay. The children's TV show 'Barney & Friends' was based on a 1930s serial killer. Kirsten’s family and Berns family were both Well off, Bern lived in a Richer part. We had lonely girls who were bullied and goth girls and loose girls. It was on the Murder still haunts Moraga Residents. You that said “Kirsten was mean”, don’t know her, or anything about her. . Bernadette was nice to, but she had hidden obsessions. lol Dylan’s mother saying “We weren’t rich. So if she didn’t like you, probably you did something to irritate her and she let you know it. No one wanted to believe that the killer came from Orinda, the lush Northern California suburb where Kirsten lived. But when her new friends learn about some negative comments she posted about them on a social networking site, the young women decide to teach her a lesson by viciously beating her up with the intention of posting a video of the attack online. Yes. I feel for the Costas family. So those who say she was a real mean girl, don’t know, cause I heard differently. So Vanessa I answer your questions. Strong messages against bullying and violence. Bernadette had jealousy issues. Bernadette rang Kirsten’s mother to invite Kirsten to a non existent sorority dinner. I’m sure at Reunions they are. You’re talking about Tori Spelling in a movie being a minor bully not Kirsten whom you know next to nothing about. Who is Ms Bunch? Did you know the other 2 girls that were accused? Brand-heavy docu celebrates kids who text at record speed. Bernadette then stalked Kirsten all the way to her house, ambushed her from behind with a 15/18 inch knife, inflicted Kirsten with two two foot wounds down her back and continued to stab Kirsten when she was suffering on the ground with her wounds. Teenage years are hard on all of us. I read a lot of these Articles,and her BFF said the exact same thing on one interview. i remember always thinking that B’s case would had been much different today. I’m embarrassed for her. You want to defend your friend and so you should but once you start calling names and trampling over the comments of others you single yourself out as a bully. How do you know she was a mean girl? Maybe you need (a Life of your own). Bernadette planned everything down to the last detail, even telling Kirsten’s Mum to ask Kirsten not to tell anyone about the supposed ‘dinner’ that night. Not saying Kirsten and Missy were Saints, but we all Bully and been Bullied. The best way is to bring bullies down a peg or a few. If you want to know what is wrong with her get on her YouTube channel where she makes pies. I have always treated others the way I want to be treated. One got drunk at a Party you told about on here, and the others who were not Noticed and the 2 blamed. She may of just wanted to scare Bernadette so she would leave her alone (Bernadette)… Bernadette took things way to personal, and, “ it became Personal”….. Joe Kosla hi. I’m sure Kirsten had her moments, no right to be Savagely Murdered. So before you start judging Kirsten, first get facts. Bernadette only got in that Exclusive Club cause a friend who had pull nominated her. Good luck dear. ( Some did) I did cause it was getting ridiculous. We’re you bullied and had to defend yourself and going by that with Bernadette? Girls are graded by twenty judges, and are told their fate at an Academy Awards-type ceremony where outgoing cheerleaders pluck names from envelopes, giving the winners kisses and flowers. GIRL FIGHT, a movie inspired by actual events, stars Jodelle Ferland as Haley, a 16-year-old high schooler who wants to be socially accepted. A murderer? She would of grown out of that. The Homecoming Court was as popular (if not more) popular than Kirsten. So she is a Horrible girl. And if Kirsten was so bad and such a ‘bully’ why did Bernadette want to be friends with her so badly? Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. All are welcome. Lot of weirdos on this thread. Bernadette’s family lived in a more expensive area than Kirsten, so what does that tell you? I forgive her to a degree, but won’t accept what she did to Kirsten, she will live with that the rest of her life. Families can talk about responsibly using the Internet and online social networking sites. There were a lot of girls at Miramonte they didn’t like or fit in, they ran them all out, not just Nancy, she wasn’t alone, neither was Joanna, but they act like they were the only victims there. She slaughtered a girl. Find out here. I don’t care what anyone says to another person, it does not give you the right to kill them. In USA is more important to be popular, not smart, no matter how you treat others – you become popular just because you say some joke or anything else to molest the person. No there were several girls bullied, but Bernadette wasn’t one. If we had to kill all 15:year olds who were Smart Aleck then we wouldn’t have none making it to Graduation or getting their Drivers License. Be the first to review this title. She’s on the East Coast last I heard, I hear she’s fine health wise, and some say she wasn’t feeling well awhile back, not sure why, she’s mellowed out a lot through the years. I knew Kirsten she was funny and adorable. Some teens talk about being physically abused by their parents. Kirsten was the real life of the Party! What is okay and not okay to post online? 3 decades later that’s ridiculous. In the spring of 1984, Kirsten had been asked to join the Bob-o-links, or Bobbies, an elite sorority-like organization of thirty to thirty-five of the best looking, most popular girls in school. Oh I’m sure they so love having thier names and business displayed for the World to see. This is what can happen when you are a bully. You don’t know whether or not Kirsten had to go without anything. The script for the movie was written by Randall Sullivan who wrote the one-sided scathingly critical “Death of a Cheerleader” article for Rolling Stone, which the movie was based on. Your email address will not be published. It depicts the tragic world of bullying, but also sends a message of forgiveness, says Jodelle Ferland, 16, plays Haley, the girl attacked by her peers. More like a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model than a Playboy type.”. Like I said, I’m sure there’s a purpose somewhere to where she can make a difference in someone’s life today, she was a lot like Kirsten Costas. They went to parties or ran off with guys, guys had no right to take advantage of them, yes it was wrong, but they put themselves in that situation to where it could of been prevented. Parents sign an agreement to spend $500 to pay for green and white uniforms and cheerleading camp. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Principal though highly of her. Karma is catching up with her, that’s why she has all these haters and has to watch her back anywhere she goes. Why isn’t anyone talking about the incompetency of the police here? Kirsten wasn’t a Bully, she was Conceited and stuck up. I have to agree some, I was there, Kirsten was Cocky at times, no means a “Bully” just self absorbed. Like I said, I wasn’t there, but if she was Bullying Bernadette, why didn’t Bernadette just beat her up and whip on her good? Bloody wounds are visible, and serious permanent injuries are discussed. I’m betting you’re some white chick who wouldn’t know. Thank God I’m out of high school now and don’t have to deal with all that social crap. We all were in Gymn together we weren’t really friends, but we got along and talked and hung out in Gymn. Even if Kirsten was “stuck up” and a Bully! Maybe her parents should have raised her better.

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