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October 25, 2020

Her tweet received an array of positive response from her Twitter followers. Most Viewed Video from Ayu and Anu - Twin Sisters YouTube Channel . Spreading hate and negativity will destroy you [from] within. "I was really trying not to get locked into another reality series in 2020 but this 1000-Lb Sisters from @TLC already has me hooked," wrote a fan. Everyone loved the videos. The girls look and dress adorable. ", Tammy also offered her personal thanks to a fan who told her via Twitter that she was in a similar situation as the Slaton sisters, and that 1000-Lb Sisters had provided her with some much-needed inspiration. When they were shooting videos, they called the shots, as toddlers often do. The adorable babbling toddlers made their rounds on the internet and quickly became sensations. However, after a sneak peek of the premiere of TLC's 1000-Lb sisters streamed online ahead of its air date, there were others who clearly felt like they'd found their next favorite reality show. Niki and Gabi are identical twins but are actually very different when it comes to their content on the joint YouTube channel. With 1000-Lb Sisters becoming an out-of-the-box hit for TLC, Tammy Slaton excitedly took to Twitter in early January of 2020 to share a brief video, displaying the front page of The Journal-Enterprise, which serves Kentucky's Webster County. ", In addition to losing weight and improving their overall health, the sisters agreed that their experience on the show strengthened their relationship. TLC's 1000-Lb Sisters follows the two siblings in their attempt to lose enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery. Chronic health issues not only affected Tammy Slaton's mobility and kept her more-or-less housebound for years, but also left the star of TLC's 1000-Lb Sisters suffering with severe depression. "Mila loves it all 90 percent of the time. "Doing the show is one way to give us a different light because you can only show so much on YouTube," Amy explained. It's hit or miss," Stauffer said. Except those that thought they were passing the not-even-potty-trained girls off as sharing their adult-like, snarky thoughts with the world. ", Amy Slaton turned to food as a means of coping with grief, and it's something the star of TLC's 1000-Lb Sisters has been battling for most of her life. We all feel the pain and relate to the struggle that is life, Fourth-grader's talent show cover of John Lennon's 'Imagine' goes viral, This mom's plea to stop saying 'hurry up' to kids is hitting a heart string, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. Now, Stauffer is fielding offers in Hollywood about projects for her 3-year-old daughters, who, by the way, are going to events with stars like Shawn Mendes and getting career advice from none other than Kris Jenner. According to People, the Slaton sisters filmed the first season of TLC's 1000-Lb Sisters in May 2019. She has earned more than 2.1 million subscribers by posting makeup tutorials, product reviews, and tag videos. "We're getting so used to it now," added Amy. The Arizona mom of five is renting a house this month in Los Angeles because of business with the twins and turned the invitation into opportunity. Speaking with the Louisville Courier Journal, the Slaton sister said her weight was basically average until approximately age 10, when her beloved grandmother passed away. They began writing scripts together," Stauffer said. This month, the girls are the stars of their own pumpkin patch in Culver City, Calif. called Mila & Emma's Halloween Pumpkin Patch at Platform. If you eat something and somebody tells you not to, you're going to eat it even more. In May 2015, she posted "Get Ready With Us: Generation Beauty" with fellow beauty vlogger Yasmin Torres. "My husband Michael means the world to me." In the video, Tammy asked, "What the heck's a Dressed Banana?" "The sodas were really hard. She introduced her twin sister Karina, who is also a beauty vlogger, to her subscribers in the video "Twin Tag!" Stauffer writes and creates the videos with her husband, Charley, and 15-year-old daughter, Kaitlin. In late September, they made the jump from Instagram to YouTube and launched the Mila & Emma Channel on YouTube, which is for kids. Ryan's World (formerly Ryan ToysReview) is a children's YouTube channel featuring Ryan Kaji, who is nine years old as of June 2020, along with his mother (Loann Kaji), father (Shion Kaji), and twin sisters … Certainly, she made enough to quit her job. The Stauffers also took heat for how lucrative the girls' viral videos are. And the videos are bite-sized fun. The main thing to know is that it's going to all five kids.". "We're not sure just yet they haven't told us anything but no offense and not trying to be rude but even if they do tell us we won't be able to tell anybody else but keep your fingers crossed that we do get a season 2," she tweeted. As the videos grew in popularity, companies began sending products to be featured in the videos and some of them are marked with #ad. Just 1½ years ago, Katie Stauffer was working as an escrow officer in Gilbert, Arizona. "We made front page!" © - use subject to the information collection practices disclosed in our Privacy Policy. Family Life. Yes, you trolls and spiteful haters. From their hidden personal struggles to their unexpected fame on YouTube to the launch of their series, read on to learn the untold truth of TLC's 1000-Lb Sisters. When they had had enough, filming stopped. In 2011, Amy Slaton launched her own YouTube channel, posting lighthearted videos featuring her and sister Tammy.It wasn't until 2014, however, that they skyrocketed to online fame by taking on the … The Instagram account has 4.1 million followers and her YouTube channel has 509,000 subscribers. "I'm just done. All rights reserved. She got engaged to Bryan Renteria in June 2016 after dating for seven years. Ultimately, the experience served as a wake-up call, convincing her it was time to make some big adjustments in her life — in order to ensure she would still have a life in a few years. I'm surprised i liked it!" The short videos will feature a celebrity in each episode and again features the writing of her husband and daughter, but also some "big-time Hollywood writers," Stauffer said. Originally, big sister Kaitlin began writing scripts with lines to feed Mila, who was a natural actress and wanted to participate. "She would show us and sometimes my husband would tweak it. If you don't like Amy Slaton then don't watch her channel. "I'm trying to lose weight due to depression so I know how challenging it can be. But Emma? "It's more like, 'Oh, another comment.' "I think it's going to be hard because we'll both be grumpy if we don't eat," Amy pointed out in a promo. How in the world could...I mean it's just really sad.". "Slimy yet satisfying," quipped Tammy. "Tammy's limited mobility forces her to rely on Amy more than she'd like to, adding to the tension that already exists just from living under the same roof," the announcement for TLC's 1000-Lb Sisters noted. The video's unexpected success made the sisters YouTube sensations, and more videos followed, with some gaining big viewership. All the while, the videos, up to three a week, were shot and edited with a phone camera. With 1000-Lb Sisters chronicling the siblings' attempts to embrace healthier dietary choices and begin an exercise regime, Tammy told People that the results have been encouraging. "So you can find an alternative that is healthy," Tammy explained, adding, "So we're still complying to the diet, but yet we're still having that chocolate fix or the fix that we needed at the time, the craving but just doing it at a healthier alternative.". In 2019, Amy and Tammy Slaton were popular YouTubers with a certain degree of online notoriety, but they'd hardly be described as famous. The kids are making money and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. TLC's 1000-Lb Sisters focuses on Kentucky siblings Amy and Tammy Slaton. One day, her oldest daughter asked to post a video she'd made of her two younger twin sisters, Mila and Emma, on her mom's Instagram account. The Stauffer twins in 2017 were the subject of a New York Times story called "Why isn't your toddler paying your mortgage?" Getting their eating on track required a dietary overhaul for Amy and Tammy Slaton, and the 1000-Lb Sisters stars revealed to In Touch in January 2020 how they managed to shift gears toward healthier fare. In fact, in 2017, Amy Slaton posted a video of herself reading some of the "hate comments" the sisters have received, and then she responded to them directly. In a typo-filled tweet issued on February 5, the date the season finale aired, Tammy thanked fans for watching, saying, "I really hope that you all enjoyed our show." "We've really gotten busy and we're lucky now if we do (a video) every two weeks. - … In May 2017, Amy Slaton took to Instagram to repost a message from one of her social media followers who wrote, "This post goes out to Amy Slaton and other ladies being bullied on social media. OK, let's take a picture.' "I'm tired of being sick all the time," she admitted. But wait! The series, according to TLC's announcement, focuses on 406-lb Amy, "who wants to start a family with her new husband but is having trouble getting pregnant due to her weight and health issues," and her 605-lb sister Tammy who "needs help with everyday tasks" and had to move in with her sister and brother-in-law after a stint in the hospital. She's not even 2 in that video. Speaking with the Louisville Courier Journal, the Slatons revealed that it was their YouTube followers who first reached out to TLC, imploring the network to feature the sisters in a TV docu-series. 2020-03-19 Published Date . Like all the Stauffer-girl videos, it follows the usual formula. "My mom worked two to three jobs at a time, and my grandma was basically our mom," she explained. I mean, Kaitlin was a teenager. "I'm beautiful the way I am.". Why isn't your toddler paying your mortgage? "We talk on Instagram and she said if I ever needed advice just let her know," Stauffer said. But Stauffer has someone powerful in her corner — Kris Jenner, the matriarch and powerhouse of the Kardashian empire. Being on television differed significantly from their YouTube appearances, explained Tammy, in that it's "more in the day of the life," noting, "They see more of how our life is and what is going to making better choices and everything, from where on YouTube they don't see as much of what goes on behind [the] scenes. That video received an astounding 7.3 million views, proving the Slatons were no one-hit wonders on the video platform. There's more, too, but her people don't want her to talk about them yet. "I think this has brought us closer together in a sense that we know what the other one is going through," added Tammy. While they're now more knowledgeable about nutrition, Amy lamented the fact that healthier food options are often the most expensive. "When she died, our whole world changed. "I [always] wanted to be a mom.

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