transformers animated megatron

October 25, 2020

The Autobots barely managed to send the Destronium sample into the upper atmosphere before it exploded, and they were left to wonder why a human had tried to steal it in the first place. Sound and Fury, When Blitzwing and Lugnut arrived on Earth, Megatron, remembering Starscream's betrayal, was hesitant to act. Megatron | Starscream | Lugnut | Blitzwing | Blackarachnia | Shockwave | Soundwave | Laserbeak | Ratbat | Starscream Clones (Slipstream) | Lockdown | Swindle | Waspinator | Team Chaar Cyclonus | With his plans foiled, Megatron was out of patience, refusing to work through these worthless proxy machines. The fragment proved too powerful and caused the Space Bridge to overload. However, Omega Supreme's attempt to transwarp to Cybertron left them somewhere else in space but did drain Omega for the time being. In the Transformers Animated profile shorts, Megatron is introduced to the audience by Optimus in "Meet Megatron." The Cool Episode 2, Megatron eventually got his hands on the key and used its power to revive himself. Strika | However, it soon turned out that both Starscreams were clones with bombs in their spark chambers designed to destroy Megatron and the Autobots in one go. Velocity, When Lugnut and Blitzwing brought the Constructobots back to base, Megatron saw the advantage of keeping them alive, and he invited them to have a look at his space bridge schematics. Frustrated, Megatron again contacted Lugnut and ordered him to bring him the AllSpark Key. This Is Why I Hate Machines, Now on the moon, Megatron commanded Shockwave to extract the access codes from Arcee's mind. It was only through Prowl and Jazz's "Processor Over Matter" recovery of the Allspark and Prowl's sacrifice that the explosion caused by the final clone was contained, saving Detroit from total destruction. Attempted Mass destructionWar crimesAbuse of powerAssaultMass murder At the same time, Nanosec was unaware that the side effect of the suit's speed-enhancing ability was the wearer's rapid aging. Endgame, Part II, He was incarcerated in Trypticon Prison and Team Stunticon failed to rescue him. However, he failed to stop Bumblebee, due to the primitive tools he was forced to use. Ancient Spirits of Evil | But Prowl's ghost was having none of that and Megatron soon found himself left alone to be blown up. He is extremely intolerant of treachery and deals with said treacherous bots using methods of vicious no-nonsense efficiency unlike other Decepticon leaders. In "Blast from the Past", he revealed his existence to Professor Sumdac while he was repairing Sari's tutor-bot and the future Dinobots, which were accidentally destroyed by Bulkhead. TransWarped, When the Autobots became trapped in Soundwave's virtual reality, Megatron led the Decepticons into invading and attacking Detroit. With Starscream incapacitated the clones sided with Megatron. Transformers Cinematic Universe Villains | Though he boasted he could beat them easily without the use of weapons they used an electromagnet to defeat him and he was forced to escape by transwarping to Cybertron. Then he tried to communicate with Lugnut again, even though he and Blitzwing were with Starscream, who also thought that Lugnut had gone insane. This communication triggered Starscream's curiosity, and the treacherous jet located Megatron. This device went off just as Megatron's fusion cannon was about to breach the hull of the Autobots' ship. When Blitzwing and Lugnut arrived with the Key, Megatron revealed his true identity to his human "friend". Seekers By the time they managed to get the thruster off Omega in "Decepticon Air", they found themselves in the middle of space with Lugnut drifting towards them.

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