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October 25, 2020

Boost your career: Improve your Zoom skills. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. The first phrase is the accurate one -- than. Then indicates time or consequence, as in the following examples: Bagels were cheaper back then. I get this question from a lot of readers. Then has a number of different functions, but it is most commonly used as either an adverb or an adjective. Go to the traffic lights, then turn right. Which is the correct usage in the phrase, "other than this"? (Correct), I would prefer to eat sooner rather then later. Christopher Taylor is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of English at Austin Community College in Texas. The first sentence says you prefer (right now at least) eating to sleeping. Redefine your inbox with updates! This article received 13 testimonials and 82% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. (Wrong). By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Than vs. then Then is mainly an adverb, often used to situate actions in time. Practice both usage and pronunciation, and then you'll be using these words better than anyone you know. It may also help to note that the word than doesn’t really have a one-word substitute; it’s one of a kind. After reading this post, you shouldn’t have any trouble when choosing than or then. If your word processor underlines or highlights the word "then" or "than," you may have chosen the wrong word. Perfect for me to recommend to my Czech and Slovak students. Is "I'd rather go to the restaurant than to my place." In other words, the pronoun that follows than is determined by whether it serves as the subject or object of the verb “understood.”. It went dark, then there was a scream. He received his PhD in English Literature and Medieval Studies from the University of Texas at Austin in 2014. They are a set of homophones. Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons. Than The word "than" introduces a comparison. If grammar makes you tense, you’re not alone. If I write the word "next" instead of "then," will the sentence still make sense? Than has an a sound as in the word cat or tap. In informal writing and speech, sentences like he is smaller than her are widely used and almost universally accepted. This article has been viewed 3,685,607 times. It’s a common mistake, in part because the words are pronounced similarly or in some cases because you simply don't know the difference. Is it He likes bagels more than I, or He likes bagels more than me? If the weather is bad, then my flight will get canceled. As with affect and effect, than and then are so commonly misused that I suspect that more than mere carelessness is …

However, in I drove to the bank and then went to the store the word then can be substituted by subsequently, to name one example. It’s probably best to hold to this traditional rule if you are writing an academic paper for school or a book for publishing, but understand that it can lead to some cumbersome, outdated sounding language. No matter what you are comparing, whether it be time, money, speed, if a comparison is taking place, than is the correct word choice. "Then" would refer to a specific time. This article was co-authored by Christopher Taylor, PhD. (Less then or less than? ), I would prefer to eat sooner rather than later. However, in informal communication, than is often treated as a preposition, and the pronouns in the second element are in objective case (me, him, her, them): he likes bagels more than me. How do you use the word "then" in a sentence? If so, why does the test in rule 4 say I should use "then"? All four of these uses are uses of then as an adverb. Than is comparison, while then is sequence, in time. For example, if you were comparing how many oranges and apples you have, you would say "I have more oranges than apples." We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. Enter your email for word fun in your inbox every day.

He received his PhD in English Literature and Medieval Studies from the University of Texas at Austin in 2014.

Who Is The “Jack” In The Term “Jack-o’-lantern,” Anyway? When saying "It will be easier to reach me on my cell phone rather than email", do I use "than" or "then"? I appreciate it. More than less than; less than more than. Take a look at this example: Carlos is taller than his brother. Then has an open e sound as in pet or let. Support wikiHow by What’s The Difference Between Ghouls, Goblins, And Ghosts? grammar rabbit hole and see all our topics here. That is why this sentence needs to be, “Jessica arrived later, However, it does make sense to say, “First and need to shower and next I have to catch the bus.” In this context, “next” can be substituted for. In this sentence, the name Jill is standing in for the full clause Jill is.

The simplest mnemonic is that "then" is a time word equivalent to "when," so they are both spelled with an "e.". Christopher Taylor is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of English at Austin Community College in Texas. ", either word and how to know the difference.

You nailed it! The fact that they’re so common means that they’re also commonly misused! Than is comparing the time of the phone call to 7 pm and cannot be substituted with another word. Do you say I will call you no later than 7 pm or then 7 pm? If I write the phrase "in comparison to" instead of the word "than," will the sentence still make sense. As a general rule, use than to indicate comparison and then to indicate time. Then is commonly used to express a sense of time or what comes next or used to be.

Is this sentence correct: "Great, then I will go ahead with the booking.". Thank you very much! To learn helpful tricks for remembering the difference between, well as a speaker, than I was before I read this. A good trick to keep track of these words is that then is usually used to indicate time.

Or does he like bagels more than he likes me?

Craig is smarter than Paul. This will help anyone understand when to use, "Fantastic article. "Than" is the correct word choice in that example. If your word processor underlines or highlights the word "then" or "than," you may have chosen the wrong word. These two words are very close in their appearance, but than vs. then have very different uses. The answer is than. Both than and comparison have a letter “A” in them.

Let’s take a look at the differences between them. The bill was signed by then President Ronald Reagan. Take your knowledge further with these articles on the difference between farther and further, affect and effect, or compliment and complement. The use of then as an adjective is much more limited. Below are a few examples of its many meanings and uses. I will have everything ready by, The inner planets go Mercury, Venus, Earth, and, If you’re adding additional information you might say, “The dinner costs $20, and. Approved. To express conditional information you may say, “If the weather is good, For example, “That program was instituted in 2010 by, This use isn’t limited to just people, though. Choosing Then or Than can be difficult since they are only a single letter apart and they sound pretty close to each other. unlocking this expert answer.

Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 3,685,607 times. Judgment or Judgement: What’s the Difference? Read the sentence, concentrating on keeping the vowel a sound the same in each word.

Pay attention to grammar check.

Murder: Differences In Intent And Degree. We’ve spent so much time talking about than that we almost forgot about the word then, so now it’s the time to come full circle on using then and than. Did you know you can read expert answers for this article? This article has been viewed 3,685,607 times.

The council members argued for three days then eventually came to a decision.

Is "I need you more now than ever" correct? ", "Thanks for helping me understand the difference between than & then!

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