spearhead pipeline map

October 25, 2020

?a���p{w � �eR#�������n���&9�j_�.�ɰ��m�P�e��t7�7�H�(9\�7���C #��/��EF7�``�,!�j> The Enbridge Pipeline System is an oil pipeline system which transports crude oil and dilbit from Canada to the United States. ��z稍���I���|�f.�7i���1ͪ��A�B�O1��m��C/5�Z�*�[(Y�g�'[)��re�D�"}�D�I� �!�u�F�~�ݽ0)�=�מe���[eJ�kǢ q�(_�)x^P������n�mW��k"IN�& �h�q0�Q� endstream endobj 93 0 obj <>stream Map #: 116-2015-8 ENBRIDGE INC. SPEARHEAD PIPELINE SYSTEM Line 51 Line 55 Line 59 U . :QL�?�^/6�$� It transports crude from the Enbridge Flanagan Terminal near Pontiac, Illinois to Enbridge’s Cushing Terminal in Cushing, Oklahoma. endstream endobj 96 0 obj <>stream

k� 4+�dK��ZL�d��G�ȡHa�(��rF���S2 �%���� SMa inl eyst m The Daily Oil Bulletin (DOB) is the most trusted source of exclusive news, data and analysis for Canada’s oil and gas industry. gR���Pݧ!�ɠ���&P WLsβ����X6�,\'�]nq8��PK���+&���+�ޕ�������� To request additional copies please contact

For further information on specific geographical information regarding our assets, please contact an Enbridge land representative near you . H��V�n�0��n$��%��Y�)b�C�A����-���~�h'��/�D޻�=�w��O0�ٗM�i(�5T�T���1�Jx̳_��o�|˳[\�#���V��BW+k ԮQ�c��ZX�. ����`4�d�c(����r߻Bc!~myd@'!��K�a�{? B��H�C�~Y�x �ċ 4~�.�ا�y���D8�i��+Xeb��k�#���\��p��,�P��d��h�ϲP�L�̜�'���Ќ^'�*�1���Nu���Z|o�NF�5��&f��?8�����=���%7�%g��h�zUѤ-rx��j�k����mJ��-ڪ�1�T���4C"�%�=5�Y�\�rq��[� ���H��$ƅ0R��]�]F.�?��@�MUR�VA�eI�V�^�͆���\������u�/a:�@[K�&������m�#�;+��M��OK��:���9p�(�t���Eaz7��h4���ހH��7x�Y�j�%H#�|�Y�]�U �gf�Gb9���R'���2䒞W�o��2��SV��M��m {"SS?W9e��5��-�R����@k1���&D�|X7d�b�67Lf��D=f�Ä�O����_��T���0v]�)��^:��]�q�0�M!�3�R��"����>u#7�H�f�k��(�th����t["׷Nȃ b�� y0���Q��A�Y^+'��;)S�ǰ�bٯ�+XT:�K��A��X�H�儤��Ȓ�e��f�? More than 3,000 kilometres (1,900 mi) of the system is in the United States while the rest is in Canada and serves the Athabasca oil sands production facilities. The Spearhead Pipeline is a 973-km (583-mile) pipeline comprised of 22” and 24” sections. SourceWatch is a … Published 01-Sep-2015 by Geomatics Services. /�E�y&�R��Ģ���=����Y��5�4��%@3s�� �+ʧRɁz����J軓�@p���[*$���y[k���j�hK�t$M��a��`F�z���f��t�UT6�NZ�@j��d�X��Z��-Pϵ�Ka�r׶�B|�h�b�ᝀ^�L��@RfOFӽ=%���Cÿk���Ҍ��s�L]Ds����L��#V� nD���v�řK>c%�|yR���W�G7���aa�t�&E��wJ|L��u��%cl�q�M��S�����'�qD>m0�X�ĮD��;��l~2���y�f��Tp�����5]�}��* They do not purport to provide exact locations of pipelines or facilities in your area. The energy infrastructure assets depicted on our interactive map are for general information purposes only. }�{Ь���������~��H�1��űe 3tl�L�.|��;���5���`d�l Spearhead Pipeline. ��� \�I!�6��ej ���J�.B4�c����7��n�ޙ�{(�X�F�q�$�� W�0�\�M?ހ0Y�7S�H}���_+�fZ�V�%Xy�-�n ��+��j�;r;g¿l��C�#�Ǫ

�j�TA����,��I�ߙ5(|I��]�wg���ff�_��t� �{�?�@Ă�ŢH�J 3)�(e2���? ��~�ڙ�}��"'�>��&'2��9�&3��/Ą�A�3�#K13֯��>D���-/�/��O� ��uW The Portland Montreal Pipe Line is a series of underground crude oil pipelines connecting South Portland, Maine, in the United States with Montreal, Quebec, in Canada.As of early 2016, the pipeline transports limited volumes, sufficient to keep the pipeline wet.

H��VKo�@�#�?�Ѯ�e�~H�R! Spearhead Pipeline (CCPS Transportation, LLC) Batch Supply Verification Procedure Effective 1 June 2018 Purpose To expand upon the procedure provided for in Rule 6 (b) of the Rules and Regulations Tariff for verification of batch supply to the Spearhead Pipeline (the Carrier). The system exceeds 5,000 kilometres (3,100 mi) in length including multiple paths. Seaway Crude Pipeline Company LLC (Seaway) is a 50/50 joint venture between Enterprise Products Partners L.P., the operator, and Enbridge Inc., which purchased its ownership interest from ConocoPhillips on November 16, 2011.
H��VMk�@���(��ݙ�A�C)%��JN�ԆZJm%���3���hO�#[;^͛y�fG��kcayG4��� 8C�X��H��8�~��-�vFkr��jb]�U���.eYV���uvb�g��b؜U���������h�׵1�c�����t?�LAA��t���)�r�91�\L�p|Z�z��X~���e}���LEa�͡D��X9�*��R��}G��AG��iN;�;'-��J�"���ܤ��㩓CRH3Hȴ�ay'['y"AB�JO�����έ����Uq�|�RҮ�&�0����&Z�JW�C���M�N}�U�

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