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October 25, 2020

The beauty queens talk about their beauty essentials and the causes they believe in According to a post on the BPCI's official Facebook page, the 40 ladies are: The ladies will vie for 6 crowns – Miss Universe Philippines, Bb Pilipinas International, Bb Pilipinas Supranational, Bb Pilipinas Intercontinental, Bb Pilipinas Globe, and Bb Pilipinas Grand International. It is different but what I've learned is to be independent. When I was a kid, lagi talaga akong naasar na kulot (I always get teased for wavy hair) in super wavy hair and I'm very dark. Let's talk about your Project Malaria, which you have been promoting. You always put a smile because doon makikita kung sino ka, kung ano ka, kung masayahin ka ba. Binibining Pilipinas is the most prestigious beauty pageant in the country and one of the most anticipated competitions in the world. All 3 of the combined, it can brightened up someone's day. ... Binibining Pilipinas. I know it sounds cliche, but if you don't have confidence in yourself even with or without makeup, that confidence will show and make you beautiful [and] people will just be attracted to you. I first noticed there are just some participants and that the gym is very big. I'm just really honored to be part of Binibining Pilipinas, knowing that I am the first to shout in a national pageant Libon, Albay. And the other one is definitely confidence. Pilipinas Supranational, Bb. Fo us in representing our hometown from our provinces, and being a representative of Mandaue is something that is...I really cannot find the term for it but I was born and raised in Cebu, I lived there my whole life and it has been a part of me —the people, the culture, the food and there's nothing I want more than to represent my city, Mandaue City, my province. What have you learned from your journey here in Binibining Pilipinas? So after I finish this course, somehow, you will end up as a tourism consultant. Heels so I can travel the world. And positive outlook, because you need to have that positive thinking that whatever will happen, you know that it happens for a reason. Brows because personally, I don't have brows [and] on a good day, it frames your face. MANILA — Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc. (BPCI) announced on Monday the 40 women who will be competing for crowns in this year’s national pageant. And even though I am still a student, we are already practicing on how to do a master plan for LGU or local government unit., Like there are people who are messaging me thank you so much for giving me confidence in my own skin. It is important because most of the people think that if you're from the indigenous [tribe], you're just like that. Official Candidates; 2020 Candidates; 2019 Candidates; 2018 Candidates; 2017 Candidates; 2016 Candidates; News and Events; About BPCI; Pageant FAQs; Contact; Home Candidates 2020. It is really the key to enjoying Binibini. Pilipinas Grand International, Bb. I can't go out without my lipstick because everytime I talk, I feel that the person who I am talking to is staring at my lips. Concealer. And there's a lot of companies that are doing that too so I think that's one way to bring ballet is to integrate ballet with Philippine folklore, be integrated with Philippine literature. I actually started learning martial arts because I was inspired by studies in Chinese cinema. If you are model kasi you always need to look glamorous, runway ready. You have to have sleep like a lot of sleep, if possible, just sleep like 5 minutes an hour. Also I must say is eyeshadow. My beauty essential would be first and foremost, health. You recently graduated from school and you said it took a while. It's their strength and confidence. We are girls and it is essential for us [the lipstick]. How is important for you to represent an indigenous tribe in Bb Pilipinas? It's a must have for me because I have chubby cheeks. My national costume is actually about the butanding (whale shark) and the seas of Sorsogon. My journey now with Binibini is a whole different level. And that attention, it's been crazy. It's also cultural differences that [makes it] really hard for them to inculcate to someone na hindi alam nila na malaria na ito (who does not know that it is malaria). Every beauty essential — the food we eat, the shelter we stay in, everything that you need is from Mother Earth. No we aren't. And we had an activity there which is the HIV/AIDS awareness day which coincides with the LGBT community. And of course confidence. You can see that in your body and also eating right and drinking a lot of water because it comes out in your skin. The resorts also... that's why it's so hard for me to choose because Negros Oriental has everything. One of your advocacies or causes is about the rights of prisoners. Kaya ganito ang skin ko. And from that coconut oil, I would put rock salt. So smile. When we talk about ballet in the Philippines in general it is a form of dance that it seems people find it to high or unreachable As a ballerina, how are you able to bring ballet to the masses? So just being confident and comfortable with who you are and having reflect that in your aura. Hinding-hindi pwede mawala ang moisturizer (When it comes to beauty essential it's important for me to have a moisturize. That's why I am happy that I am in a pageantry that I call my home. In you Binibini bio, you mentioned the importance of reading, especially in public schools. It's not new that there are ladies from Muslim provinces or countries competing in beauty contests. Contour. But during our seasons, we have dances that are like El Filibusterismo... we do a lot of Fiipino inspired classical ballet. And joining a competition like this, you have to have self-confidence, you have to believe in yourself. File photo by Dion Besa/Rappler Glam shots from Facebook/Bb Pilipinas, MANILA, Philippines — The Binibining Pilipinas competition continues to heat up and the 40 candidates are busier than ever with their sponsor visits, charity work, and their interactions with the media. Ahtisa Manalo finished first runner-up in Miss International, Jehza Huelar made it to the Top 10 of Miss Supranational, while Michele Gumabao was included in the Top 15 of Miss Globe. I am really very much a simple girl lang. I think when you're happy, you glow. Can you explain more about it? On Tuesday, Bb. For them, it's just way of living. Because if you have confidence, then you are ready to take on anything. And then happiness or self-content. Tinatawag nila akong kulot salot, if you know Kirara (a character with wavy hair and dark skin), yung ang inaasar sa akin nung bata ako. They have more cases than they can handle. I started at a young age, 17 to be exact. Actually, people were like rooting for me even before I even applied and during that time, that was a bit more pressuring because I felt like everyone created expectations even before they got to know me. Lip tint. (So their cases aren't attended to.). Pilipinas Supranational, Bb. My mom taught me at a very young age na ubusin ko yung pagkain ko dahil marami ang nagugutom (to finish my food because a lot of people go hungry). ... Binibining Pilipinas. So really happiness lang and joy. But I think the problem is that people does not want to participate in these kinds of activities. It's not my first home but how the people accepted me, how beautiful La Union is, how warm their welcome is to me is an amazing feeling to be welcomed with that kind of characteristic. Bicol region has produced a number of beauty queens. Pilipinas Grand International, Bb. So I'm doing my best to share the girls' stories as well. Pilipinas queens generally gave an impressive performance, with Catriona Gray and Karen Gallman winning the Miss Universe and Miss Intercontinental titles, respectively. AdvertisementWhat would you like people to know more about Tarlac? My advocacy is coming back home, coming back to basics. The people there is very welcoming and the foods are very delicious like kapeng barako, suman, and there's an area there na gawaan ng alak (wine making area). The eyes should be expressive so that you can represent yourself like you're just talking with your eyes even if you're not talking. AdvertisementAnd I feel that beauty pageants now become more purposeful and more relevant to society. Given a chance to win a crown in Binibini, how will you promote Batangas? Let's talk about the national costume. Tarlac is called the "Melting Pot of Central Luzon" because a lot of people from different places came to create Tarlac...and if you ask which one I am, I am everything. And when something that close happens to you, it really shakes you because you'll realize oh my gosh, am I equipped to defend myself if something like that were to happen? Water. Pilipinas International, Bb. And happiness because each day, we need to be happy with the situation, we just smile, be confident with yourself. you can't say that beauty is like this... everything is beautiful and that not ust everything is beautiful for you. And the other one is a smile because I think it's very important to wear a smile every day, every minute, every hour and it makes you feel mabait (nice) and friendly. We are down from 40,000 cases to 4,900 but 4,670 of those came from my hometown in Palawan. For me, I think facial wash because I believe that good skin care will give you good skin of course. Without makeup, I cannot leave the house without lip tint. You cannot go in the other line because you're part of the indigenous, ganyan ka lang (you just stay like that). And come back to your human family as well because I feel like we're disconnected from each other, that we made ourselves apathetic to each other. I just want to know what you feel about the attention? I was able to meet Michele Gumabao (Bb Pilipinas Globe 2018 and volleyball player), and she's an amazing woman. You always put a smile because that's where people see who you are and how happy you are.). This is what I urge people to do, educate yourself, read more, expand your conversations because essentially it expands your horizons. I am sure a lot of my friends would be open to joining me in that cause, especially because I was also part of the a Prison's Service Organization in UP Law. Non-tangible for me is self-confidence... if you have self-confidence, you can carry yourself well sa lahat.

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