real wishes

October 25, 2020

Its only been a couple of hours since i put my wish into this site and i havent been in my room for about 2 or so hours and i walked into my room and it it freezing and it never gets cold in my room. I'm wishing for my crush/ex boyfriend to fall in love with me again and when i looked at his latest intstagram pic it had 111 likes is this a sign??

The funny thing about this is that I forgot I had placed this wish at least 1 year ago.

All Rights Reserved, We wish to sell our home very, very, very, very, very quickly and move away from here. i've had visions of myself with green and light brown eyes, is this a sign? THEY ARE FROM ASIA HOW DID THEY GET HERE?!?!? With Visualize thing, you would just think it like achieve your goals or something like that.

I NEED HELP what happens if I lost the paper with the '8' written on it?

ps ms anon one of my wishes just came true. It rocks!! I passed my class Thanks real-wish so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS HAS GOT TO BE A SIGN!!!!!!! My wish came true. Hace poco lo hice, en principios de marzo paso el tiempo y no se cumplio y yo deje de darle importancia, pero hace unos dias atras mientras por dormirme y yo alumbraba con mi telefono mi habitacion , mire mi celular y estaba en numero de marcacion para llamar y tenia un numero 8, tal vex sea una señal no lo se ahora empece con otro deseo espero tener suerte. its 5th day today...still my wish isnt coming true...i followed all d instructions...what should i do...i badly need this to come true... My wish came true on the first day itself. i love this site!! So i guess you can try it in both ways.

is that a sign? ...Your wish will be read from thousands of users and will come true! everyone was sleeping and nobody was near it. Be open minded and doors will open''. I am so happy and grateful. It said that my last visit was more than 24 hours ago but I still visited within a one day period so why do I have to start my wish over?

If you want to make a wish come true overnight, it helps to have a clear goal, a positive mindset, and a little luck. it is 9:00 pm now and i just started the day 1 should i do it on 11:11 tonight or start over tommorow for 11:11 am? do you care that i have more questions cause i am new to this and i got 8 minutes late to go to the mirror and say my wish 8 times am i still safe or do i have to start over again. I AM SO HAPPY !!!

WHEN I WENT TO CHECK MY WISH PAGE TODAY IT TOLD ME, "90 percent of success is just showing up", AND THEN I DECIDE TO CHECK MY HOROSCOPE AND THEN IT SAYS, "What you desire is in reach" AND IW AS LIKE OMGGGG IS THIS ACTUALLY COMING TRUE AAAAAAAAAAAAAA IM SO HAPPY AND IM FREAKIN OUT IM SCREAMIN. It is a better idea for them to come here and make their own version of this wish. for the interaction with your wish question, i think it is mostly works with the actions that is related to your wish since sometimes that action that is unrelated acts to it works with others as well.

This is AMAZING!!! I'm so happy about it.

11Rabatt ist bereits abgezogen und gilt für ausgewählte Artikel des Verkäufers Ultramera. @Alissa the solution is opening your bookmark in vpn and restart the browser because it can break the loops. 2 After you submit your wish, you will immediately be directed to your very own and unique "Wish Page" - bookmark your "Wish … Looking at the clock again, it's 8:38. Haha okay yeah, my wish came true today... :) There we go. So i wished on this website and on another wish website and ive been practicing the law of attraction and gratitude then my ex contacted me through social media! Yes, my wish came true! All you need is faith !!! i wish move to the new home 07-07-16#. And she sends me nudes of herself on snapchat. I wish to remian Anonymous, but this is the strangest and most wonderful website i have ever encountered. Right now I saw 11:11 two times already and 8s everywhere, my brain even likes to make math so that the total would be 8s and 11s. ', ' Thank you so much , i made a wish and it happened the same day! they all add up to 8 and 11 :), Already i just started and i alredy saw 3 number signs. Join over 500 million others that have made their shopping more smart, fun, and rewarding. There was a problem subscribing you to this newsletter. Power law of attraction is such a natural approach that it can be applied for any thing, any time, in any circumstances, to manifest anything that you want, in any part of the universe, by anyone. I wish I could get appropriate marks and I could go to uk to study with affordable fees, I wish Chris comes back. I can feel my wish is starting to tingle in some magic and the power of 8. right after i finished my wish on the 8th day yesterday and did all of the steps, my 8 broke in half. My love came back to me despite there were very few to no chances!!! Get yous too in less than two minutes!! so i'm still hopeful, will update! Terms of use I sold those shares and paid for my son's school. I wish to be 2 meters in height , please make my one wish come true soon , i want to grow day by day , i wish to be 2 meters tall. Seriously this site works! 21,000 dollars is a lotta money, Right after I made my wish, I watched some Youtube videos and kept seeing 8s in them. Is this a sign? THANK YOU REAL WISHES .COM!!!!!!!!

This wasn't in the directions so it seems really unfair that I was at day 6 of my wish and now I have to start over. Me and Jaida Ferris will Start having a healthy relationdhip with noone hating us because of our good relationship. Going to have to try it again. Like now, My son Wan Muhamad Hafiy Bin Wan Muhamad further his study in medical field to become a successful specialist doctor. my wish came true in under an hour no way this site is real thank you. i have a wish i have an idol so i planned learn about railways because hes my inspiration i wish we will be best friends. I am 20 years old and i do not want to be short anymore ,please make my one wish come true soon , i wish to become 2 meters tall, i wish i was 2 meters tall, i wish to be 2 meters name is dimitris pease make my one wish come true soon. I was freaked out. 8/8. Alle Artikel solange der Vorrat reicht. I wish i will grow taller and i wish i finish my study and i wish god give me a right man for me in a right time, Please make neon at my school love me and ask me to be his girlfriend and make my mom get £100000 a week I also want to lose weight and my family to stay alive thank you. And it really came true. When I logged on, it was 11:26. My wish was ''I wish I knew how to do every type of math there is instantly on paper and in my head.'' Etsy sellers promote their items through our paid advertising platform. Is that a sign? Your wishes I wished to meet Sebastain Stan ( Bucky) and I was surprised with a VIP meet and greet at a comic con in sacramento, Ommg wen i finished doing this, the time was 8:39 and i added 8+3 and it equaled 11 i think i just got a sign.

Is this a sign???? I had been on my wish page a few times and it said "90% of success is just showing up". I will know I have these powers instantly but still be in my original body until I, for the first time, consciously shape-shift. A week later, I found that it was slowly coming true.

I also had to get my license duplicated because I lost it and my number to get called was 11! Alle Preisangaben inkl. 3Aktionspreise gelten für ausgewählte Artikel des Verkäufers gesetzl. MAY LOVE AND LIGHT BE WITH YOU! I was sleep talking last night at 11:08 pm and was screaming out 3:00, 3:00 and today i keep hearing slight noises and i feel a that a sign? (7wnD0YJcPV), i started my wish and i had 2 signs that were the time was 8:30 and my battery charge was on 62%. HAVE FAITH IN THIS WEBSITE IT WILL DEFINITELY HELP YOU!! I swear it just magically disappeared. 1+1+6= 8 .

Now, I have EYES ON MY WISH PAGE!!!! hey I forgot to visit one day do i start over? OMG...This has to be a sign, I looked at the clock, on my phone and it was 11:53 which 5+3=8, I wished for my boyfriend and I to eventually be blessed with a baby girl, he ended up knocking up his ex and had a baby girl with her. Your wishes will be posted on our wishing wall and wish your wishes come true. and something strange happened at my school, Is this a sign? is this a sign? Then when it was 11:12am my comouter came back weird! Is that simply a quote or is my wish super close to coming true? My son is going to a good private school I really like. AMOUNT RELATED TO COVID-19 I saw an owl perched on top of a telegraph pole tonight near my house is this a sign?

hi, the time 11:11 must be on morning or night? should i start over again? My It has to be a sign! #8888yeafeelingawesome!!! that i will pass my Spanish test tomorrow and i will learn all my terms by tonight, I wish my desease will be heal

You are never lost." I did't have any money to keep him in and I wished for him to be able to go there. 6Lieferung versandkostenfrei bei ausgewählten Artikeln des Verkäufers I got my wish, boy did I ever. Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalized tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. OMG today in math class my teacher gave me my username for a math site and in it it had the numbers 6 4 and 2 and then i aded them 6+4-2=8 THATS GOTTA BE A SIGN!! Was it luck or did real-wishes did it? Would I have to start over ? I wish for my family to win MILLIONS in the lottery. This site uses 1111, 8888, or just 8 I personally don't know but that's my opinion on it. Or seeing the number 12:34 on the clock for years? OKay so I just made a wish. i know this sounds dumb, but. I wish that my dad worked at an advertising agency and that choco Chocolate powder was real and i wish that all 90s shows from Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network all come back and are still ongoing Jul 24 2019 .

My wish came true. And when I looked at my phone, my battery was at 74%. You guys know where they have the quotes on your wish page?

After I made my wish I saw in the time 4:31PM 4+3+1=8 I think this is a sign, Omg my wish is coming true!! I waited for 8 days and my wish came true thanks so much! Alles zu Ihrer Filiale & zum Wochenprospekt. Or both?? So far its been a day and nothing has happened yet, except im keeping myself in a positive mindset and letting the universe bring it to me.

Wish came true. individuals who have placed their wishes on this website. :), I made a wish a long time ago that my best friend would stop being friends with this 88888 and I believed it would happen becuase i wanted it so bad i wanted my best friend back badly. God will always shower He told me he likes me and i like him too. My wish is coming true and is the 3rd day, My wis came true on the second day .thank you so much :), You can start at any time but the mirror thing I do it at 11:11 pm since 11:11 am is early I think you can do it at both times. Yes, it's a sign that your wish is coming true.

you with luck and happiness and you will keep his blessing on you. I WISHED FOR SWARM OF KILLER BEE AND 8 DAY AFTER I GET NEWS ON MURDER HORNET?!?!? !1, I've seen two signs in one day.

i just started and the time is 10:16 .

omg i just typed in my wish and while i was reading older comments from other people i started to feel really funny and tingly That's sooooo werid! It took some time and patience but it did! (I have macrophilia which might be tmi), I would also like to be more curvy and feminine. My well Now, I have the courage to really make this wish happen.

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