provincial elections

October 25, 2020

[17] Of the total of 1585 seats, it won 923 (58.23%)[16], The All-India Muslim League won 425 seats (26.81% of the total), placing it as the second-ranking party. account of how the Coalition Government in the United Punjab collapsed as a result of a massive campaign launched by the then Punjab Muslim League. The Muslim League won all of the Muslim seats. They also have said they want to apply short-term commercial rent relief, increase the tourism marketing budget, and develop a rural B.C.-specific economic strategy. Congress however also achieved strong results, and initially hoped to form a coalition in government with four Muslims who had defected from the Muslim League. The League reinforced its vote in the Muslim minority provinces. The BC Conservative plan includes supporting publicly funded healthcare systems “as the primary facilitator of health care services in British Columbia.” If elected, they will support the development of “efficient and affordable mental health and addiction initiatives for British Columbians.”. [16], In Assam, Congress won all of the general seats, and most of those reserved for special interest, thus forming the local government. Elections held in British India in 2020 to elect members of legislative councils of provinces, 1946 Punjab Legislative Assembly election, "Jinnah's constituency gears up for elections", "Muslim League Appeals to the Voters of Punjab", "-- Schwartzberg Atlas -- Digital South Asia Library",, Provincial Assembly elections in British India, Short description is different from Wikidata, All articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases, Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from February 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 17 October 2020, at 08:48. The party demonstrated that it was the representative of Muslim India. [20] Amongst the communist candidates elected were Jyoti Basu (railways constituency in Bengal), Ratanlal Brahman (Darjeeling) and Rupnarayan Ray (Dinajpur). Video Player Close. The BC Green Party has yet to put out a current public statement on this issue. Toll-Free: 1-800-661-8683 TTY: 1-888-456-5448 Toll-Free Fax: 1-866-466-0665s Back Voting Places Updated. Data files on this page are licenced under the Elections BC Open Data Licence. The Congress was the second largest party, winning 43 seats, whilst the Sikh centric Akali Dal came third with 22 seats.

In Punjab also religious appeal was the factor in the battle between the league and the Muslim members of the Unionist party who were not interested in Pakistan.

over the next 10 years. A coalition consisting of the Congress, Unionist Party and the Akalis was formed in Punjab.[26]. The BC NDP party recently promised a new hospital in Cloverdale and 10 new urgent and primary care centres by the end of the year. [2][3] The election laid the path to Pakistan.

The party has encouraged implementing a moratorium on “red tape that would add costs for businesses.”. Albeit far from competing with the two main parties, the communists became the third force in terms of the popular vote. As there was no hope left for any other government to be formed to take the place of the Khizer government, the then Punjab Governor Sir Evan Jenkins imposed Governor's rule in Punjab on 5 March which continued up to the partition day, that is 15 August 1947. The BC Conservatives want to introduce competitive provincial, personal, and corporate tax rates “to encourage investment, growth and job creation in all regions of British Columbia.” They want to cut red tape and regulatory burdens through a “systematic review, simplification and reform of all Governmental regulations.”. The BC Liberals’ platform, for the most part, seems primarily focused on supporting safe reopenings of schools, tourism, and small businesses, as well as taking action on hate crimes and supporting seniors. Find out the location, type of election, federal, provincial, territorial or municipal, and the dates of upcoming elections in Canada. Canada's ten provinces and Yukon use the same plurality voting system used in federal elections. [1] The consummation of British rule in India were the 1945/1946 elections. COVID-19 has completely changed the economy as we know it, and everyone’s eyes will be on the provincial parties to see what they plan to do. The BC Green Party has been actively speaking about banning conversion therapy and ending private contracting of long-term seniors care. Services for at-risk voters and voters with disabilities, Guidelines for Campaigning during COVID-19, Provincial Third Party Advertising Sponsors, Making a Contribution for an Initiative Petition, 2013 Statement of Votes – 40th Provincial General Election – May 14, 2013 (PDF), 2013 Voting Results by Voting Area (Excel), 2009 Statement of Votes – 39th Provincial General Election – May 12, 2009 (PDF), 2009 Voting Results by Voting Area (Excel), 2005 Statement of Votes – 38th Provincial General Election – May 17, 2005 (PDF), Errata to the 2005 Statement of Votes/Report of the Chief Electoral Officer, 2005 Voting Results by Voting Area (Excel), 2001 Statement of Votes – 37th Provincial General Election – May 16, 2001 (PDF), 2001 Voting Results by Voting Area (Excel), 1996 Statement of Votes – 36th Provincial General Election – May 28, 1996 (PDF), 1996 Voting Results by Voting Area (Excel). Provincial politics since 1986 have been dominated by the New Democratic … [11][12], In contrast to earlier elections, religious commitment was intertwined with a declaration of Muslim communal unity. Provincial Election Results For preliminary results from the 2020 Provincial General Election, see our Voting Results page. This should fill you in on their stances regarding housing, public health, the economy, and other issues that matter to you.

If elected, the BC Conservatives will work on “balancing economic development opportunities with environmental protection” through water and park conservation and protecting hunters’ and fisheries’ rights. Some scholars state that the meaning of Pakistan was kept vague so that it meant different things to different people. [13] Consequently, for the Muslim electorate, Pakistan represented both a nation-state for India's Muslims, but one which surpassed the common state structure, and an awakening of an Islamic polity where Islam would be blended with the state's functioning.[14].
> Provincial Elections > Provincial Candidates > Candidate List. In the last election, the BC NDP promised to build 114,000 affordable homes in B.C. The BC NDP has pledged to co-develop legislation with B.C.
Voter Registration .

[4][16], The results were in favour of the Indian National Congress, which won 91 percent of the vote in non-Muslim constituencies, thus proving that for most Hindus it was the legitimate successor to the British rule. [3] The system of separate electorates ensured that Muslim contestants would compete with other Muslim candidates instead of facing non-Muslim contestants. [16], In the Punjab, the concerted effort of the Muslim League led to its greatest success, winning 75 seats of the total Muslim seats and becoming the largest single party in the Assembly. to finance the development of affordable housing and increase the threshold to qualify for Property Transfer Tax exemptions for first-time home buyers. Additionally, they want to extend property tax reductions and deadlines to housing developments and implement rebates to encourage rental housing investment. [16], In the Muslim majority province of Sind, the Muslim League won the most seats. For preliminary results from the 2020 Provincial General Election, see our Voting Results page.

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