pittsburgh power box

October 25, 2020

I Need CDL Training Stay tuned. 2) An exhaust gas temperature gauge or pyrometer (an EGT gauge or “pyro” for short). Yes, we have completed our mandated EPA emissions testing on the Cummins ISX, ISX-EGR, Detroit DDEC3 and DDEC4 engines, and the power boxes are now emissions-compliant for these engines. PITTSBURGH POWER 3600 South Noah Drive Saxonburg, PA 16056-9745 724-360-4080 Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and They have knowledge and determination. Privacy | View & download of more than 89 Pittsburgh PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. Back in the 1980s, we used to change the fuel filter once a week! I've talk to Jerry Ray at PDI at the truck show in Louisville but the person you really wanna talk to is Kurt, aka [MENTION=9016]Mr. Haney[/MENTION]. Fortunately, I was 2 days ahead or schedule on my cross country run. I can keep my foot up my cats ass hard and the pryo heats up to around 900~925 degrees with the water temp around 195~200. For newer Cummins, Detroit, and PACCAR engines. I ain't trying to argue for this guy vs. That guy. It’s a week of learning how to make more money with your truck and it’s been a huge success. Who's doing your ECM flash?
From the ECM to the flywheel and everything between Pittsburgh Power has you covered. You can over night ship him your ECM on a Friday and he will send it back out Sat and you'll get it back by Monday. I don't recommend going to PDI in Utah. If you have any questions, contact me at Pittsburgh Power in Saxonburg, PA by calling (724) 360-4080 or via e-mail at We are the only diesel engine shop to have 4 engineers, 3 dynamometers, and fuel mileage testing equipment. So, if you’re going to be close to Pittsburgh, PA soon and would be interested in a special price on a CAT box, come in and let us use your truck for testing on the dyno. Looking for a significant increase in performance? In order for you to receive the best possible offers, please make sure your answers above are accurate prior to submitting. I bet the Dealer didnt make him do it, I bet the dealer told him there was a flash file that had to be uploaded to his ECM and that all Detroit's had to have it done. "These guys have all ways gone the extra mile to help me on my truck.

Bruce and that bunch up there totally ruined both their trucks with their so called high performance engine builds. ", "Amazing Experience. Been here 4 times with 2 different trucks. Driveshafts bend, carrier bearings wear out, and U-joints go out of balance – and all of these things will affect your truck’s bottom line. However, Pittsburgh Power has access to advanced emission testing tools that would help in the diagnosis and the resolution of the root cause with insignificant impact on diesel engine performance. 6-11 Months It pulls hills much better far less down shifting to pull hills far better fuel economy, and I was playing with the power so I'm certain I can get even better fuel economy with this new set up!!! Pittsburgh Power will not allow the use of services to get around any applicable diesel emissions laws. Discussion in 'Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ]' started by ohio_redneck75, Dec 6, 2010. For everyday performance, this tune will give you some "off the shelf" power without any mechanical upgrades. Speak to us today to find out more about our shop services, our range of products, and how we can help you to get the most from your truck. There is no charge for this service, pittsburgh power service shop The Service Shop Make our service facility your next stop - Performance, Fuel Mileage, and Engine Longevity are our top priority when you rely on your truck to get you to the next state or across the country. Please call our Engineering team to see if we have a tune available for your application. Only takes two seconds. We are still making the SAME amount of power as always, it’s just a little more refined now. other career information to the number I provided. It can be detected, only, by a programer going in and reading the code line by line to find it. 3 Years Please select the number of verifiable months you’ve been driving professionally using your Class B CDL within the last 3 years. All Images and content on this site are protected by copyright laws, but 10-4 Magazine gives viewers the right to download images or text for personal use. It's worth the investment so there aren't any unfortunate surprises with your new truck. Call our friendly and professional team at 724-360-4080.​, Engine electrical diagnostics and repairs, Engine mechanical diagnostics and repairs, ECM diagnostics, repairs, and programming, Engine in frame and out of frame rebuilds. Kevin Rutherford’s “CMC Seminar” (which stands for Certified Master Contractor) was this past week, May 4th through the 9th, and 225 owner operators were in attendance. What happens if some shop updates your tuned PDI? they went & did a full ecm update upgrade, mufflers, damper, box, etc; cost me a good chunk of money but i got power & fuel economy. After they finished that they put my truck on the Dyno and it produces about 400Hp and 1400ftlb torque. I know of two different drivers that dropped a TON of money at pittsburg power, and the one is out of business now and the other one is just getting by. 5) A fresh crankshaft vibration damper. If you just bought a used truck, we have a history of great performing off-lease trucks that were given the full Pittsburgh Power treatment. I can out pull a 625 CAT with a Pittsburgh Box because you cant run it on high for just a few seconds or the motors starts heating up. 4) Clean fuel filters. but standard message and data rates may apply. I highly recommend this shop for all your needs. Custom tunes pair well with upgraded engines. Driving without a turbo boost or manifold pressure gauge is like driving blind. PITTSBURGH POWER 3600 South Noah Drive Saxonburg, PA 16056-9745 724-360-4080 PITTSBURGH POWER3600 South Noah Drive Saxonburg, PA 16056-9745724-360-4080​ No matter what your mechanic says, they do wear out. Any o/o have any experience with diesel repair shop Pittsburgh Power? We'll create a tune that perfectly suits your driving style. Only takes a few seconds , click the link to vote in our presidential election poll to see where the trucking industry is leaning in this year's Presidential race. We get a lot of questions about what we have for the Volvo engine. they went & did a full ecm update upgrade, mufflers, damper, box, etc; cost me a good chunk of money but i got power & fuel economy. Our electrical engineering staff specialize in ECM diagnosing, repairing, programming, as well as repairing the instrument panel, and all of the electronics on the truck. Our shop services are designed to meet the needs of owners and owner/operators. 6) A balanced driveshaft. Dec 6, 2010 #1. ohio_redneck75 Light Load Member. but standard message and data rates may apply. I have a PDI tune in my 475 CAT. Job Listing Rules.
2 Years made a guy with a 550 cat the other night want to go home when i lifted the hood & showed him my 500 detroit. Every month 400 people find a job with the help of TruckersReport. 7) Driving with your right foot instead of the cruise control.

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