no ordinary time review

October 25, 2020

Readers seeking a deep appreciation for the ebb and flow of World War II will be disappointed. It is also a very raw and personal look into the personal lives of the Roosevelts. A friend lent the book to me. DORIS KEARNS GOODWIN’s interest in leadership began more than half a century ago as a professor at Harvard. Focusing on the rights of minorities, women and workers, she chronicles the dramatic social changes of the period. She earned the Lincoln Prize for the runaway bestseller "Team of Rivals," the basis for Steven Spielberg’s Academy Award-winning film "Lincoln," and the Carnegie Medal for "The Bully Pulpit," the "New York Times" bestselling chronicle of the friendship between Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft. This is a marathon of a book that I found difficult to put down. Although they had much love for each other, they were separate, individual people whose work seemed to compliment each other. I took a long time reading this book because it was like time travel, like seeing into the past. The title says it all. (Many Americans thought that the oceans dividing us from Europe and Asia protected us from engagement in the war.) Against Eleanor's fervent and clear advice, the U.S would take only 50,000. The others have been magnificent…and this one, in particular, was quite good. I'd long admired the Roosevelts, and ordered this book to learn more about them. There are so many interesting antedotes and facts I wanted to have them at my disposal. She takes the time to research the small details that give these larger than life characters depth and character. This book has taught me to sincerely admire Eleanor’s contributions in laying the groundwork to rein in social & racial injustices in the pursuit of a true democracy. by Doris Kearns Goodwin ‧ RELEASE DATE: Sept. 23, 1994. I recall my mother telling me about these times and in particular expressing her admiration for Eleanor. In fact, it is great... And to drive the point, even further, let me repeat that it is GREAT. "No Ordinary Time: Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and the Home Front in World War II." One can only imagine the hours of research that required; much less a level of access that few other historians could possibly command. The thing that's good about it is the same thing that's frustrating: this is a book about their marriage, their friends, the war, race relations, the rise of organized labor, the new women's workforce, etc. What a phenomenal read. ( Log Out /  etc. Goodwin’s narrative is sometimes gossipy but more often is sober and serious. — 19,411 pages. One of the most fascinating parts of the book is Goodwin's description of the White House as "a small, intimate hotel" during the war years, housing the family, friends, staff members (Missy LeHand), and foreign visitors (Winston Churchill). She was not alone in this belief. FDR is depicted as an extraordinarily intuitive and consequential politician…but a flawed husband and friend. This book was so well writen. What was Eleanor Roosevelt really like?" In the period covered by this biography, 1940 through Franklin's death in 1949, FDR was … I love this book. Her, DORIS KEARNS GOODWIN’s interest in leadership began more than half a century ago as a professor at Harvard.

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