meryl streep movies

October 25, 2020

Critics were blown away by Streep's lead performance and said it paired perfectly with Fred Schepisi's direction. Violet Weston "The real joy is in a smolderingly sinister turn by Meryl Streep as Andy's egomaniacal boss," Stella Papamichael wrote for the BBC.
16 Episodes (1978), The Deer Hunter 2 Episodes (2006-2016), 85th Academy Awards Summary: In the romantic comedy "Hope Springs," Kay (Streep) attempts to ignite a spark in her relationship with her husband Arnold (Tommy Lee Jones). "McNally's life has the sweep of an epic novel, except that the novel's inevitable movie version could never have as much star power as his life did," Ren Jender wrote for The Village Voice. or There Must Be More to Life, Ginevra's Story: Solving the Mysteries of Leonardo da Vinci's First Known Portrait, Rabbit Ears: The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher, Take Me to the World: A Sondheim 90th Birthday Celebration, The Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts, Valentines.

1979, Manhattan "'One True Thing' demonstrates that the power of simple things, the transcendent nature of the ordinary, can make for riveting filmmaking," wrote Kenneth Turan for the Los Angeles Times. Linda Summary: In the psychological thriller "The Manchurian Candidate," war veteran Ben Marco (Denzel Washington) stumbles upon a global conspiracy when he draws a connection between Raymond Shaw (Liev Schreiber), his mother Senator Eleanor Shaw (Streep), and an army-implemented brainwashing technology. 1 Episode (2009), Stand Up to Cancer 1 Episode (2015), Late Show with David Letterman 1 Episode (2017), Golden Globe Awards Summary: In "Plenty," British housewife Susan (Streep) feels a disconnect growing between her and her family as she looks back on her role during World War II in comparison to her contemporary lifestyle. 1986, Out Of Africa Susan Traherne 2002, Adaptation. "This affecting little film is easily one of Eastwood's best efforts as a director.". Here We Go Again 1 Episode (2005), The Role That Changed My Life 2017, 2015 Afi Life Achievement Award: A Tribute To Steve Martin

2004, Stuck On You
2015 Afi Life Achievement Award: A Tribute To Steve Martin, Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes, An Evening With Meryl Streep on August: Osage County, AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Al Pacino, School: The Story of American Public Education, AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Diane Keaton, The Words That Built America: The Amendments, A Special Evening With Meryl Streep on August: Osage County, AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Jane Fonda, TV Land Presents The AFI Life Achievement Award 2012: Shirley MacLaine. "'Prime' is an above average romantic comedy that still doesn't quite make the grade," wrote film critic Cole Smithey. "That would be fine if the ideas were revolutionary or interesting, but they're fairly commonplace.". 2008, Evening 1 Episode (2014), AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Jane Fonda Clara Del Valle Trueba

Critics called "A Prairie Home Companion" a joyful exploration of show business. Roger Ebert wrote for the Chicago Sun-Times "'The River Wild' was constructed from so many ideas, characters and situations recycled from other movies that all the way down the river I kept thinking: Been there. For critics, the drama itself left much to be desired, but Streep's tour-de-force performance elevated "The Iron Lady" by leaps and bounds. Camilla Bowner Jill Joanna Kramer 1 Episode (2006), Live from Lincoln Center 1 Episode (2014), Kennedy Center Honors "That's where the film truly succeeds: [director] Stephen Frears doesn't treat Florence like a joke, and neither does Streep," Kate Erbland wrote for IndieWire. Kay Summary: Narrated by Streep, the documentary "A Fierce Green Fire" details the environmental movement from its grassroots beginnings to its contemporary position as a call for global activism. BBC reporter Nev Pierce called it "a polished remake of a 60s classic.". 1992, Defending Your Life

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