margate boardwalk committee

October 25, 2020

“The city resorts to using fear tactics to try to convince people that a boardwalk is not feasible — fear of fire, of crime, and of wild and unrestrained increases in costs,” the group wrote in Thursday’s report. I couldn’t wait for the Ventnor boardwalk to open. Dan. Very wise feedback, Captain. It becomes dangerous . “Our local economy has been deeply damaged by the pandemic and a new boardwalk in Margate will, we believe, galvanize and boost its recovery in the coming years.”. depending on thefinal design chosen, to be funded by public monies, bonds, grants, and private endowments. Getting very silly. To allow NJ 2nd home owners, that do not live year round & are not legally registered voters – NJ residents, and that do not file a NJ resident income tax return to vote, would take a state wide referendum on the ballot in a general election & a change of the NJ state constitution. Margate Boardwalk Committee. Award winning journalist covering news, events and people of Atlantic County for more than 20 years. A bequest from Read more…, MARGATE – The City of Margate and the Margate City Planning Board have won on all issues in the recent and important court decision, Two Daughters, LLC v Harbour Bay LLC, The City of Margate Planning Read more…, By NANETTE LoBIONDO GALLOWAY MARGATE – A question on the Margate general election ballot will gauge voter interest in building a boardwalk in Margate. Keep Margate the wonderful beach town it is. It stood for 38 years until the ’44 hurricane where it was substantially damaged. The Margate Boardwalk was built in 1906. I don’t know why anyone who wouldn’t enjoy an extended boardwalk. Easier access to our great beaches for families with children. Yes, let’s relocate Club WAWA to the boardwalk for a loud free for all that will require additional policing. We won’t ride on Atlantic Ave. Last year I was very nearly hit by a truck. Businesses suffered for severely during those years. Maybe add more outside dinning by the bay or cute boutiques. Your email address will not be published. MARGATE, N.J. - Proponents of building a boardwalk along the beach in Margate, New Jersey, are accusing the city of using “fear tactics” by claiming a walkway would make it easier for criminals from nearby Atlantic City to commit crimes in the upscale beach enclave. )” being on average 27 ft. wide with (30 – 35) access ramps of 10 ft in width. Being year round residents of Margate and having grown up in Ventnor and Margate, my wife and I have noticed numerous signs either supporting or against a boardwalk in Margate City. It would restore views of the ocean and allow walkers to better feel sea breezes, proponents say. Boardwalk is an absolute waste of out precious resources. Klotz said the committee has been collecting signatures for the last three weeks, but that he is unsure of how many signatures they have so far. In these times we need to stay positive. NOTE: Margate 2nd homeowners, who make up 75% of the tax base, are not able to participate at this time. “Typically, the suspects are transient (from) larger urban areas of Atlantic City.”. “Although we know that any non-binding referendum will not deliver a boardwalk in the present moment, we sincerely believe if approved by the voters this fall, it would be a big step forward in that direction,” Boardwalk Committee Director Glenn Klotz said. According to Glenn Klotz, director of the Friends of the Margate Read more…, Margate man’s bequest will help Stockton students succeed, Margate officials feel ‘validated’ by Appellate Court decision, Margate non-binding referendum to gauge voter interest in building a Boardwalk. It also would be great to bring the community together to spend time with family and a great connection to the Ventnor community. Boardwalk committee has significantly underestimated this idea. THE MARGATE BOARDWALK COMMITTEE’S “A MARGATE BOARDWALK FOR THE 21ST CENTURY” REVISED EDITION, A SNEAK PREVIEW OF A POSSIBLE MARGATE BOARDWALK. Next Post → 20 thoughts on “Support Grows For Rebuilding Margate’s Boardwalk” Jamie Sheller. Margate would be just another Pleasentville with an ocean view that most locals never see.

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