lcs summer 2020 playoffs

October 25, 2020

It’s definitely not because he can’t play Thresh or Nautilus or any champion that can actually engage a fight. Of course, it's not really the 60 games or the one-month postseason that have us convinced he's one of the dozen best hitters in the game, so much as it's the years of expectations (as the game's best prospect), of precocious genius (as the 2016 Rookie of the Year), all of it preparing us to be knocked flat the moment he started putting baseballs over the fence with regularity. Miller: Ranking all 115 Fall Classics Unfortunately, it turned out in summer that your team occasionally needs you to be Batman rather than Robin. The Rays have faced some high-profile shortstops this October -- Bo Bichette, then Gleyber Torres, then Carlos Correa, now Corey Seager -- and Adames, over the past two years, has more WAR than any of them. That would have robbed him of the chance to, perhaps, get revenge on the team that waived him in 2017. Hakuho is currently howling with laughter. You already got your money’s worth with that Tahm Kench 1v9 performance in Game 2. Oh my God, Zven did you just Arcane Shift into the Ashe arrow?? This year is ultimately going to be one of the great “what ifs” in LCS history because if COVID-19 never struck and this team got to go to MSI, I really think we could have seen the best international performance by an NA team ever. Yes Licorice, build a 17-minute Trinity Force when you started the game 0/3 and are playing with two AD Carries, Black Cleaver is definitely a bad item. ", TL Jatt recalls the semifinals game against TSM: “We were all really dissatisfied with how we were playing around [objectives]…[LoL] is not one of those games where as soon as you do something well, you’re good at it forever”, LCS Commissioner talks co-streams, broadcast rights, viewership numbers, and more, Maintaining momentum: How Golden Guardians can build off of a successful 2020 season, Why TSM Spica is on pace to become the best jungler in the LCS - Run It, Every player contract EXPIRING this LCS off season - FREE AGENTS ahoy: Travis Talks,, About Leaguepedia | League of Legends Esports Wiki. Yet, like other pitchers on the Dodgers' staff, he will periodically take off his hat and peer into it to see what the scouting report on the hitter is, suggesting that, just as a "blue" sky might contain infinite shades, so too does McGee -- who struck out 33 batters and walked only three in 20 excellent innings this year -- actually contain complexity. I know, I know, the meta is different now, utility ADCs are in, and TSM smartly banned away Kalista. The Rays' popup relief aces have been incredible this year, a storyline that is a combination of predictable (the Rays always do this) and unpredictable (who?). We went from being a fanbase that kept our heads down and let our performances speak for themselves to winning one domestic title and suddenly crowing like we were a dynasty. About 8% of the pitches Tsutsugo saw this year were curveballs, while 23% of his hits came on the pitch. Wendle, a quietly valuable and versatile member of the Rays' infield over the past three years, hit an awful -- awful -- .143/.217/.143 in the ALCS, and he has the Rays' lowest win probability added this postseason, but instead of carrying that burden of failure around with him for the rest of his life, he got to celebrate and put it immediately and entirely behind him, 100 percent absolved thanks to the clutch greatness of friends. 2020-07-01 | Hauntzer responds to Licorice's claims that NA top laners are behind on the meta by Travis Gafford 2020-07-01 | TL Manager Dodo explains how the team transformed from Spring to Summer via roster changes and Jatt by Travis Gafford 2020-07-03 | Apollo explains how suddenly dropping from LCS to Academy can be a significant income change by Travis Gafford Since then, he has thrown 80 innings with a 5.20 ERA, fewer than eight strikeouts per nine, and a .261/.345/.423 opponents line, so hold your breath. Editorials. Phillips, acquired from the Royals in August, runs fast and plays excellent defense and usually doesn't have to start his stretching until at least the fourth or fifth inning. ", C9 Nisqy: "People are saying FlyQuest isn't good, but they deserve Worlds. Looks like Doublelift was right: Spring Split didn’t matter but congratulations on that fancy new banner. It looks like Hunter Renfroe hitting .156/.252/.393 as the Rays' right fielder this year, and then it further looks like Renfroe going 3-for-15 with one dinger and nine K's in October. Sam Miller ». So let’s pour one out for Cloud9, who saw an end to their historic run of seven-straight trips to Worlds. You would think he’d be better at the champion he’s been cosplaying as for the last few months. or some such. Well, I guess that’s why you keep sticking Vulcan on champions like TK, Braum, and Yuumi. The story we tell about this peak Dodgers run has been their depth -- how they have had qualified major leaguers at all 25 (now 28) roster spots, enough good players to fill a bullpen and a bench with quality, variety and professionalism. To be real, though, I actually feel bad for Zven. And, next time you play Evelynn into a champion like Skarner, remember to pay your QSS tax instead of going for a second-item Rabadons. But he starts ABs with an almost perfect representation of his broad repertoire -- 35% four-seamers, 20% curves, 10% cutters, 30% sinkers and a splitter or two for luck -- so batters couldn't get too aggressive sitting on first-pitch fastballs. With an extra tick of velocity this year, and perhaps the benefit of working with a personal catcher again, Kershaw had one of his finest seasons, and his 196 ERA+ in 2020 is higher than any that Sandy Koufax ever produced. Those are relatively minor things, though, and the way he worked out of jams against the Braves on Saturday -- by firing fastball after fastball right past them -- shows that he's still an ace, and the pressure of the Dodgers' annual postseason hopes increasingly fall on him. That's a joke, of course, but while his reputation among Dodgers fans and casual October viewers alike is not super positive -- an eighth-inning failure is easier to recall a half-decade later than a scoreless inning -- he has made 28 postseason appearances, has a positive win probability added in those appearances, and hasn't looked shaky at all this fall. Some 323 pitchers threw at least 20 innings this year, and May -- he of the third-hardest fastball in the group -- ranked 304th in swinging-strike rate.

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