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October 25, 2020

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Glad you liked the “How to Pack It” column . to prevent anyone from getting into your room, Sleeping bag and sheet  if you're roughing it (or you can use your sarong as a sheet), Small plastic magnifying glass or magnifying plastic sheet (credit card size) - great for reading when your glasses break or to start a fire if the sun is out, Deck of cards for those interminable border crossings - you can play with others and don't have to take your expensive Smartphone out for all to see, Tin mug (you can eat out of it too) - this may not be one of your essential travel items but when I backpacked across Africa, this turned out to be my one most important possession (I called it Kermit for its froggish green color), Sheet of tin or aluminium foil, folded (you can eat off it, drink from it - amazingly useful), A small candle and waterproof matches/fire steel/lighter (if you're away from the city), Roll of densely packed toilet paper (or a small pack of tissues) for 'those' times, Compass (I have a Swiss Army knife with a built-in compass, again, for rural areas), A length of duct/duck tape (rolled up tightly around something, like the cardboard tube of a toilet paper roll) - this is amazing stuff for things like repairing your backpack, : press a button anywhere in the world and an emergency signal goes out - this is only if you're heading into what's left of the uncharted world or traveling on your own away from populated areas, The Complete Tropical Travel Packing List, What to Bring With You When You Rent an Airbnb, The Perfect Urban Packing List for Europe, Travel Destinations: The Art of Deciding Where to Go (and not go).


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116 0 obj << Reader Interactions. They make it super easy to find what I need, and it helps me fit more than I thought possible into my backpack. EmbedByReference While not necessary, some female travelers make feel more comfortable with an anti-theft purse in places such as Paris or Thailand where purse snatchings are common. This site uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. eHyQi6482nm//wADQC+04WgsLeW1QSqIi6wpEwtWCegm441CVoCK7k6zMJCH5mPq/i4YbV8epPv2


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PROCESS There are a few precautions you can take to protect your belongings such as using one of these anti-theft devices.

fYcIOY6Gm+Edg5Mf+VEevUcuvw+xUHB5T8rR3EVxbz6XHcRmT0ZoxEHBmJaTiw3Bc7tTr3yMuz5T Also, I always bring dental floss; in addition to keeping my gums healthy, it’s awesome for sewing! containing full directions for correct manners, dress, deportment, and conversation; rules for the duties of both hostess and guest in morning receptions, dinner companies, visiting, evening parties and balls; Ym1aa4mAhNybUOpfZYkFrDbgiv8AMCffL4a/DIiIkCSxsJp/0qf+jf8A40zLSxvzFp/ly/FzBrun Version 1.31 /SMask 123 0 R �,� %�� It’s broken down into three sections: Click here to access the editable Google Doc printable checklist that corresponds to this article. 25.000000 Clo7d3ggiWL4vhC7dePQ0VSD819E8u6rpVqNagtJo4Gu5I/rkl7Ego6k8msirFKqpYNXcKabZCUq uuid:5a3fb87f-2864-ef45-9642-79f0d7f06484 They’ll enable you to bring only the the amount you’ll use for your trip. Violet C=50 M=90 PROCESS TLleneVfPega9p9rIuoaempyxxm6022v7a9aGWSv7r1IWKvuCAQN8Cp9ef7yT/8AGNv+InFWFfml 4pHWhX4wajLUvWvLPknR9FtwTaWM2oByTfQWNvaOY1c/V04wqB+4i4xqfauKE8vP95J/+Mbf8ROK 0.000000 This is very helpful for people who need help on what to pack! Read this guide for a full explanation on how to choose the best travel shoes for your specific trip.


9R/QmpNdi1aJLCR5Rdm7C8EDsam0IelAfsnl+GUGvECvI/KVx+Vcegunm6xsNP0y/trWYW2njWXm When it comes to a women’s retreat, though, we tend to follow a one-size-fits-all mold. RCJGimb09kYU40UqdxcrMvL+v/lTeeWbfU9VjtNSnsI3afU7rSVhmlbTzKTcLCsT8D8Mjoo+IVOw 0.000000 e117SbR/UjnuJh6cnK4jRiLuCkv/ABYGB5ZerPvytuNHsL2SbU9avNLudFiFnH5Yk1+z1WHhHGsU qbnJ2en5KjpKWmp6ipqqusra6voRAAICAQIDBQUEBQYECAMDbQEAAhEDBCESMUEFURNhIgZxgZEy Gw+eUz+uPxVj0fkryvBHBHD5D1FI7FTd2kaXVoqrNIrK0KgagByCzON/3fg32cuVkWnXtxo+j29h ��1��u��^�9=*�>O@7y\^��|��T���GQ���&�G��u�?���s��u1�����!p�A��6"?�|�[U+�~E菠��r?x���ב�0����0����$��;q=�C#X�fAK�F]�.

DEcliaOq/wCyB/DKZV4gQk35X/llN5dvNQ1fWrPT4dZuLm4ltTpk95LDHDdLEZl/0og8neAMdjTt CMYK Z2V5ol/bXKWEqyrFGY9Ra+WFi9+qIHax/eCrsAOPfr8Ncp/ynwVgv5c6DDo35iW/1g6RcPf3Et3a First it all goes on the bed, and I eventually end up taking no more than a third of what I first planned, After plenty of trial and error I ended up with. False Tua3tqrJ/i3UCwZnbirQcOMTN+zCvwy9G6YqyHyDdWlxaX5trm2uVW6ZXa11m51xVbiPhaS5VTA3 vzMPw8YZ2RHNeiMaN0OVT+uPxV5Rb6Ah5JZyXA0/ULy7W+vz5c0uaGC4Ny7StPLNJJwHoF7cVVlF 6x5euJtYfRtblsZ4pmbTLbyzZWE/pxypFaW7Nby+oxt1DlB0ZWrtQDLVeiXPn2aK4MMflnW5wFik This mold looks like a speaker teaching in front of a room while everyone else takes notes. 001.000 Use public transportation to increase the difficulty. D69+lPq9V+rfpD9F/V+9fq/1H9/8/X+jviqG1+xsL+3srK+tVvre4tZo5bOrLJMjRUaNDyjjHIbf Hi, this is so helpful for me so I do not forget anything. @��ͻ�/@]��Dž���q�;�z7���Z}�� �nD2��

Thanks so much for gathering this all together for your readers. 50% Red M=50 Y=50

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I assume that’s included in the 10 items, but per the packing list, they are packed in something.

20% Black Love having all of this info in one post! saUJHEjFD2HQ/LXl+witLm00Ky0q8jg4BLeCFGgEpEksKvEq/Dz68did8VRv/Sp/6N/+NMVee/mp CMYK 75.000000 qC4e2tr5EsrSe+uUmjSN/St3AK05OEd1ZWUHtvXDqOxZ4pRsgiUhHnzu/Lbb+tv3qqD80dPtoJJB eq0t5EQ4eUKBRowVpxG2XK9itvKPlS1uoLu20WwgurYlra4itoUkjZo1iYo6qGUmNFQ0/ZAHTAqY

0.000000 0.000000 proof:pdf 38A1KOc3beryjRHcxcBbTTU9RaAmlWIBa9bfQ+BVK8/3kn/4xt/xE4qxP8w0uX027SC3nnea1aBR Thanks Helene!

/Length 3586 Adobe Illustrator CS5 upX5guYrhpeenIhpzWaNeLtLT7NRxPjtxWjxHJD95LKJccY1xEfUeG9x3gjnzB5IQeh/mvcalq+n You thought of everything! 792.000000 001.000 CMYK nWMj1kjZadByBpUjMhXqPl3yR5V8tyXEmiaeli1yS0wRnKkkKDxVmYLXgCeNKnfrgVPMVYP58lnj

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