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October 25, 2020

She is excited to meet Johann Most, a left wing newspaper publisher, who is renowned within the movement. “I didn’t want to do it.

That was my background,” says Mancuso. “No one had ever done that before... those are his hands climbing with the small camera.
Berkman, with who Emma would begin a personal relationship, believes that assassinating steel magnate Henry Clay Frick - who many see as the puppet for industrialist Andrew Carnegie - over the Homestead Steel strike would send an important message, one that Most believe foolish. Billy, having been incarcerated in an institution, would be released and return to the scene of his earlier killings.

“He said, ‘I like you very much. Mammola, Calabria, Italy. Roles. He is the voice of the aforementioned “Billy”, the violent stalker who targets a university sorority house, escalating from licentious crank calls to a bloody rampage.

The real star, though, is Mancuso. A moderate hit at the time (with $4 million at the box office on a $620,000 budget), its stature has grown and grown. From that point onward, he alternated between working in the United States and Canada, including the fondly remembered "Stingray" (NBC, 1985) and its short-lived series offshoot, and such major studio pictures as "Under Siege" (1992) and "Rapid Fire" (1992). The bloody blueprint it carved out would be emulated by Friday the 13th and John Carpenter's Halloween.

It just caught on.”, Technically as well as thematically it was ahead of its time, the director believed. She had that spiritual ebullience that liberated the soul.”.
I remember thinking, ‘what is going on – why has this film caught the attention of so many people?’.”. In 1980 he had starred in the original version of Ghostship, a piece of haunted-house-at-sea nonsense later remade with Gabriel Byrne, Karl Urban and Julianna Margulies.

It was pretty explosive.

I started improvising a voice and sounds…. Filmographie. I jump off the pier and open my eyes and it’s black everywhere. That was it. Anyway he hired me.”. Mother Lode was more than Mancuso had signed up for. Highest Rated: He certainly had little inkling of the long shadow the film would cast when, as a 19-year-old face on Toronto’s experimental theatre scene, he was hired as the voice of Billy (never clearly seen on screen). 100%, Under Siege Although he was rarely at a loss for employment, Mancuso launched a new career path later in life as an enthusiastic advocate for healthy life choices and homeopathic alternatives to conventional medication. “Is it the dark…or something that waits in the dark?”, “It was directed by Oscar winner Arthur Hiller, music by Henry Mancini, another Oscar winner,” says Mancuso.

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