imma bounce rhea

October 25, 2020

The TV news channel is a gift that keeps on giving.

The only time we see women walk with raised elbows is in crowded buses and trains to keep away unwanted hands and abusive touches. This reminded me of some of the media commentary soon after Aarushi Talwar's murder. We’re guessing no one will ask her who played a major role in her vilification. Journalists, more than ever, need your support. (The court of Twitter doesn't count. Copyright © 2020 Newslaundry Media Private Limited. Ms De writes, "Rhea played every card in the book, and went from vamp to victim in ten easy lessons. You can support independent media by paying to keep news free. However, showrunners at Times Now did not consult UrbanDictionary, before writing the script, which led to some hilarious responses from social media users. Are Household Chores or Activities a Good Type of Exercise? No, they won't do, that because they are vultures. While reporting about the SSR case, Times Now was examining chats between Rhea Chakraborty and Jaya Saha when they stated that 'Imma Bounce' refers to a bounced cheque. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of NDTV and NDTV does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same. But of course for the sake of justice everything is justified. Even if they walk into Times Now studio in Navika Kumar’s bag. Just when you thought that the case being handed over to the CBI would compel these anchors to get back to issues like a RAGING PANDEMIC IN THE COUNTRY, FOR GOD’S SAKE, ECONOMY, JOB LOSSES, FLOODS — sorry the inner Arnab in us just took over the keyboard — things took a turn for the worse. Ethics be damned.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. On news channel did not even shy away from zooming in the camera into her living room to show what the family was watching on the television. She has been called a 'gold-digger' and a 'drug addict'. Lately, prime time news anchors seem to have invested all their resources on the case. Of course, on the toxic social media platforms, where Rhea has been pronounced guilty and is awaiting full execution, her decision to speak out and defend herself brought out more knives against her. " She was in shock and guess what, folks, if someone is calm and composed, it doesn't mean they are not in pain. 4 zodiac signs who are always attracted to Librans and complement them well. You have effectively demolished a middle class family. On the contrary, every personal detail of Rhea's life is being fished out to project her as a murderer. Over the past month, we have seen them unleash a season of conspiracy theories on primetime news – from so-called murder angles to “kala jaadu” to, what else, but the presence of a “gang”. However, this crowd was supposed to be of journalists, who we assume must have had classes in ethics, sensitivity and sensibility while reporting from the most unwelcoming situations. On the other hand, Rhea is facing investigation from CBI, ED and the NCB. . Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Social media campaigns are perpetually running a smear campaign against her. Her meticulous recreation of any and every turning point of the tragedy, complete with dates and an assurance that she can produce proof to substantiate her stories, made one marvel". For example, if your friend tells you, "Let's bounce", he/she means, "Let's go." Recently, something magical happened. Tongues clicked as they condemned the "gold-digger" Rhea. Times Now: This is big, this is sensational, new angle of POACHING and animal SMUGGLING enters the Sushant Singh Rajput Case.- Edgar Allan Poeha August 27, 2020TIMES NOW EXCLUSIVE: Rhea Chakraborty texted ikr which clearly means I Killed ? ?R.- Shreemi Verma August 27, 2020Times Now decodes Rhea Chakraborty's texts: WYD must mean "Will you die?". Press J to jump to the feed. The crowd of reporters hounding her on Sunday was a manifestation of what is being debated and discussed on prime time shows for more than a month now. Indian families seem to think their sons are constantly brainwashed by their wives and girlfriends. While the coverage has been nauseating, what stood out this week was Rhea Chakraborty's decision to break her silence. Infact, they are proud of the tabloid coverage of this story. "Congratulations India, you have arrested my son, I'm sure next on the line is my daughter n I dont know who is next thereafter. I am glad I'm not in television anymore. India Today, meanwhile, is all set to “grill” Rhea tonight and ask “the most vilified” woman in the country all the questions the nation has been wanting to ask her. Recently, this media 'investigation' took a rather hilarious turn when news channel Times Now attempted to decode alleged messages from her phone, sending social media in a frenzy. All of this, in the middle of a CBI investigation that was ordered by the Supreme Court. What further surprised me was a column on NDTV.COM by author Shobha De, where she has dissected Rhea's interview, her comments, even her appearance,  furthering the worst kind of misogyny. What’s All the Fuss About Blood Oxygen Levels and Do I Even Need This Data? Ms De writes, "Rhea played every card in the book, and went from vamp to victim in ten easy lessons.

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