how to make clear bho shatter

October 25, 2020

Shatter is solid and clear with a smooth surface and is a much simpler yet more powerful way to get a buzz. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest and greatest cannabis infused recipes directly to your inbox! Add it to the forum section here mate: Great community here :). Gave the RSO to my mate , Have done bubble hash…want to try this…RSO & dry ice hash…have about an oz of trim from the Cindy grow left but need more…tomorrow is the day . Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. It will take a few seconds for product to start coming out the other end but when it does, start evenly distributing the product over the dish.After your done disgard the crap in the bomb and move your dish to a hot plate to warm up so you can scoop onto some parchment paper. The water evaporating underneath will provide a safe level of heat to the pyrex bowl. Once your solution is filtered, pour around 50ml onto the pyrex dish and leave for about half an hour to evaporate. If the bubbles are bigger, and don’t come often, then you’re good to move on to the next step. Here’s a guide, hopefully it will answer your questions. Buds, tip leaves, popcorns buds. I have heard many different methods of making shatter that is stable at room temperature and shatters without bending, and that it can also just be a strain dependent situation. How is it? Step 7: Fit tip attachment onto the top of the glass tube. Hold it up to the light and you can all see properly how amber it is. Shatter-pull n snap- wax-crumble. EXERCISE CAUTION!! Apply the cable tie tightly, to ensure the filter doesn’t fall off during extraction. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Butane is highly flammable, and should not be inhaled. Once its posted i can tidy the lay out up if you like, but i don’t need to edit it really, its well written, good job mate!! You will see the oil stretch as it becomes more sticky. You can repeat this process, filling up the tube again and using more butane to extract more BHO. The BHO will pass through a coffee filter, leaving the plant material behind, ad only taking resions, terpenes and cannabinoids from the plants. All Rights Reserved. You can purchase a BHO extractor tube online. So if you like shatter, and think you may make more of it in the future but a proper tube, you won’t regret it. Take the filter, and wrap it around the BHO extractor tube, then use a cable tie, to secure the filter to the tube. If you need me to post a easy oil extraction post I can do that too.This is just a version I have used, of many ways to skin a cat. The BHO will pass through a coffee filter, leaving the plant material behind, ad only taking resions, terpenes and cannabinoids from the plants. The idea is, to use the BHO to dissolve the cannabinoids from the plant material in the tube. Once in place, trim off any excess around the edge of the filter. It may splash, so don’t hold it too far away, but don’t let the filter touch the bottom of the pan. “You can’t make chicken salad outta chicken shit.”  Sure you can make something alright and smokable using sugar leaves and bad tasting bud, but concentrates is all about bringing out the terpenes for taste and isolating the thc off of the plant for the perfect high. You will see the mix bubbling for a while. Take the jug of filtered butane and place it in a shallow bath of warm water. Mmmmmk so well ventilation is required and no sparks. There are many methods for extraction with BHO, or butane hash oil extraction being the most common. Below are simple instructions for making your own Shatter hashwith simple equipment in no time at all. Until this video, I had never made shatter before, let alone smoked it. Firmly place the top on. Step 6: Hold the tube, filter down, approximately 3 or 4 inches over the Pyrex pan. Shatter hash is simply a potent THC extraction. The simplest way to make BHO shatter with a vacuum, purge is detailed below. Once mixed well, you will need to let the mix settle for a few hours. We must warn you before hand, you will be working with highly flammable solvents here. making a new infirmary page right lol, coming on sweeeeet:, No pressure mate, give it a shot, you might enjoy the writing Ill make edits if need be, but you seem to be literate enough to handle it , Done about 12 hours of writing today man, im fucked!!! CBD isolate doesn’t decarb since it’s already decarbed, this did decarb, i decarbed an ounce of it it was big bubbles then small then flat, this is the result of the winterization, the thicker one is 1:5 and the thinner is 1:10 ethanol. Kinda looks like an isolate converted into shatter to me. I thought I would share this video I recently put together documenting my process for making BHO Shatter. Shatter, is one of those. THE NEXT STEP HAS THE POTENTIAL FOR COMBUSTABILITY!! Pack the tube but make sure air can get through. At this point, you should add half a jug of the Isopropyl alcohol and stir well, until all your oil has dissolved. The glass is stronger, and will have less chance of breaking in your hand. It is a great way to make use of sugar leaf and popcorn buds after your harvest. Take some pics of your final product and show it off in the forum. Like guerrillagrower says too, there are many at home ways to make oil, rosin, shatter etc just do the research first. Vector Butane; you will need to have an attachment that fits on the end of your extraction tube. If you cannot get Vector a simple test will tell you if another type of butane is usable. You should work in a well ventilated area, and there should be no sparks, or naked flame used anywhere near your work space. Step 5: Wrap your towel or bandanna around the tube well. The idea is, to use the BHO to dissolve the cannabinoids from the plant material in the tube. The final product, Shatter, contains a high concentration of THC so you don’t need to use as much product. All you need is a 200mm x 30mm Test tube. It was alright, but prefer smoking an old school spliff. After a while, it will start to become hard to work with. I made rosin with my wife’s hair straightener once lol, BHO is pretty good and I have done it several times, however you should try other methods and see which is best for you…….Aluminium blockseBay hydraulic pressDrill hole in blocksGet Chinese heat things( they exist and make aluminium blocks very hot) and you just need to put them inside drill holeProduct (for dabbing)Inside Vg/pg mix (for vaping). Below are simple instructions for making your own Shatter hashwith simple equipment in no time at all. You will need to drill a small hole in the bottom, but it will do the job. … Step 3: Put water on the stove; set the temp just under ‘high’. I ran 60/40 and I crazy high solvent to material as this was in my sample extractor. (Need special equipment)And than us poor men do cold quick rinses with 99% iso. If you are not aware of what a vacuum purge is, how it works and most importantly why you need it, this article is here to help you. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. How to make Shatter – What Exactly is Shatter? Making Shatter . Enjoy! If you have any questions, sign up. ... one of the owners of I was just wondering if anyone had experience in infusing Isolate with terpenes and making shatter and how it is done or how anyone has done it. This may take a while, so whilst you’re waiting for the mix to filter, prepare a pot of water on an electric stove. You will see, after harvest, you can be left with a lot of “sugar leaf” Thats the small leaves that will have crystals on them. : Unique Cannabis Cookbook, Freshware CB-114RD 30-Cavity Silicone Chocolate, Candy and Gummy Mold, Cannabis Industry: Effective Ways to Make Money, 6 Simple Steps to Making Cannabis Oil Infusions, 6 Healthiest Ways to Consume Weed without Having to Smoke it, Two (2) Pyrex pie pans (one needs to fit comfortably inside of the other), A glass tube for extraction. It will need to sit for a period of 48 to 56 hours. @joshuaarr420 posted your grow on insta and it was a hu... Lucky 13 eh? You can also use your trim to make other extracts like dry ice hash, or RSO. After 15 minutes in the second batch of water put your stuff in an area which is well ventilated with no direct sunlight and is not in freezing temperatures. The process now is to spray a whole can of butane through the hole in the bottom of the tube. Take no risks, be very careful during this part of the process. All of our guides are written by experienced growers, and members of our cannabis growers forum. Reduce wastage, and keep trim in a freezer until you have enough to make some extracts. When I ran the bulk of it in my large extractor with only butane the color came out no where as clear as the sample I ran. You don’t want to pack it so tightly you experience a backfire, or ‘blow-back’, so blow throw the tube to make sure air can pass through as needed. It will bring with it, all of the dissolve cannabinoids. This will increase your final yield of shatter. End note…… don’t use nothing but decent product. Made some RSO before. The higher quality plant matter you use, the better the yield and overall quality of the shatter will be. have anyone made homemade shatter before? Be extremely careful, this shit can flash fire boom faster than you think. ... Shatter is solid and clear with a smooth surface and is a much simpler yet more powerful way to get a buzz. After this is all done, you are set to go. Just so you know, before it was known as shatter, we called this the BOMB! Do the next few steps in a well ventilated area, and away from flames and sparks! Of course, you can use trim, popcorn buds, or good flowers to make shatter. The next step requires plenty of ventilation so go outside and stay away from anything flammable. The tube specified above, will hold around 28 grams of plant material. A few hours will be fine, some some growers like to leave their mix over night. Keeping mixing and a spreading the oil out thin. I don’t have the final pics but it came out very similar to the pictures you posted. Water Clear shatter in the…”, C65AF178-C137-44A9-85B8-4405069932BB.jpeg, got some funky pull n snap that tastes like vape juice / chemicals, Member of the Month(s)....who's next?! Non-bleached coffee filters; these will need to be doubled up for the process, An large insulated cup or container, like a Thermos®. So make sure you have everything, there will be no time to collect it once you have begun. Step 8: Place the tip of the butane into the tip attachment on the top of the tube. The Simplest Way To Make BHO Shatter With Vacuum Purge. This is the easiest method. Figured out how to take a post, and turn it into a new topic Made a guide from it called Fukens Guide to Making Shatter . From what I remember reading about. Fake terp smell, waxy texture, and short high are also described by people getting slabs that look like what you’ve got. When you remove the mix from the freezer, you should notice it is a lot more cloudy then when you put it in there. This is what you will be left with, a very sticky substance around the base of the tray. Lots of people have Its a great way to make use of trim after you’ve harvested mate. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. (At home)“Honey” basically states it’s quality, the clearer the better. Welcome. These cookies do not store any personal information. Once this is done your good to smoke and heal your pains. I mean even your coffee pot turning on will light butane up. @macky I’ll try but you might have to edit. You can pour this golden liquid through two coffee filters placed one inside the other to filter out any bits that got through. This will catch the BHO as it exits the tube. Nothing wrong with it’s just scrubbed properly, So you winterized, carbon scrubbed and purged to make shatter that crystal clear? i just grabbed some shatter and am quite intrigued at how clear it is, was wondering if anyone has seen anything like this and how it’s created. However, improperly prepared BHO can have dangerous levels of butane left over.

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