hepcats jive talk dictionary

October 25, 2020

1945 Hepcats Jive Talk Dictionary Jitterbug, Stainless Steel ID or Cigarettes Case (King Size or 100mm) by Coastal Colors. Double clips to hold all your stuff Holds credit cards, … 1) The Cab Calloway Jive Talk, Hard Spiel and Hidey Ho: Cab Calloway's Hepsters Dictionary (1940), The Hepcats Jive Dictionary, Lindy Lingo, Retrospace - The Hepcats Jive Dictionary,, Lets Moove n Groove Dance & DJPO BOX 1586, Green Valley, NSW, AUST (02) 8786 1220F (02) 8786 1529, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. With Lemn Sissay. Hepcats Jive Talk Dictionary. The dictionary is broken up into the following categories Jive Words, Jive Phrases, Jeographical Jive and G.I. Charles Company in Derby, Connecticut. We haven't found any reviews in the usual places. Other jive terms may no longer be in use - like collar to comprehend, pounders for policemen, or a rug cutter for a good dancer - but the words of jive remain a revealing portrait of Harlem in its heyday. Tommy. Lou Shelley in 1945 published the 'Hepcats Jive Talk Dictionary' with publishing company The T.W.O. Long before the uncool could quietly search for the meaning of baffling slang on, they could pay 25 cents for a booklet that promised to teach the “hep” dialect of youth. You will however become aware of some of the words and phrases that have remained with our population throughout the decades. It was a private 'in the know' language, a form of protection and a way to get past the authorities, but it was also fun and incredibly creative. To help facilitate this, Calloway produced a Hepster Dictionary in 1940 that accompanied Cab Calloway sheet music. Hepcats Jive Talk Dictionary. Weird words and marginalia from fisher poets and hepcats. Okay, we have kept you waiting long enough, here is a short list of just a few words to have some fun with and wonder: Airbags - lungsAlligator - a jitterbugApron - counter-man or bar-tender, Bank - a toiletBarkers - pair of shoesBeat - worn outBeef - a complaintBone - dollar billBoogieman - a jiving maleB.T.O. C, Cabbage - moneyCanary - girl vocalistCat - jive musicianChick - young girlChippie - glamour girlClambake - a jive sessionCooch - muscle dancerCurtains - the end, Dig - to think hard or understandDotmaker - musical arrangerDust - to leave, Easy - financially secureExpense - a babyEye - detective, Flip the grip - shake handsFirst 30 - month of JanuaryFish Hooks - your fingers, Gabble Gather - a hen partyGas pipe - tromboneGot your boots on - Hep to the jive, Hard Spiel - convincing conversationHaving a ball - having a hectic timeHep to - well informedHouse without chairs - Dance hall, Idea pot - the headIn and outer - the doorIn the groove - perfect timing, Jive cutter - Modern dancerJive Floor - Where the hepcats danceJive Jargon - Language of the hepcatsJoe Blow - musician who swingsJoints Jumping - everybody's having fun, Open mirth from Leavenworth - Jail comedianClimber from Lima - second story burglarPhil from Louisville - Doctor Jive talk, Harlem jive or simply Jive (also known as the argot of jazz, jazz jargon, vernacular of the jazz world, slang of jazz, and parlance of hip ) was an African-American Vernacular English slang that developed in Harlem, where "jive" (jazz) was played and was adopted more widely in African-American society, peaking in the 1940s.

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