gregory of nazianzus

October 25, 2020

Gregory was ordained Bishop of Sasima in 372 by Basil.

[8]:45, Theodosius wanted to further unify the entire empire behind the orthodox position and decided to convene a church council to resolve matters of faith and discipline. See also Hunter-Blair.

[15], Gregory's homilies were well received and attracted ever-growing crowds to Anastasia.

29,2,", P.J. [9] Upon finishing his education, he taught rhetoric in Athens for a short time.

Greek texts with commentaries: , Cambridge, 1899. It was at this point we decided to write theological discourses and poetry of both religious and autobiographical [24] He would sometimes receive occasional visits from intimate friends, as well as sometimes from strangers attracted to his retreat by his large reputation for sanctity and learning and he passed away on January 25, 390 AD, thought the exact date of his death is unknown.[25].

In contrast to the Neo-Arian belief that the Son is ahomoios, or "unlike" the Father, and with the Semi-Arian assertion that the Son is homoiousios, or "like" the Father, Gregory and his fellow Cappadocians maintained the Nicaean doctrine of homoousia, or consubstantiality of the Son with the Father.

In this tense environment, Gregory interceded on behalf of his friend Basil with Bishop Eusebius of Caesarea (Mazaca). For example, see Michael O'Carroll, "Gregory of Nazianzus" in, See H.E.W.

These include a valuable autobiographical poem of nearly 2,000 lines; about one hundred other shorter poems relating to his past career; and a large number of epitaphs, epigrams, and epistles to well-known people during that era. [14] Appalled at being pilloried by critics throughout the empire, Julian resolved in late 362 to vigorously prosecute Gregory and other outspoken Christians; however, the emperor perished the following year during a campaign against the Persians.

Crowd sourced content that is contributed to World Heritage Encyclopedia is peer reviewed and edited by our editorial staff to ensure quality scholarly research articles. [42] After enjoying five peaceful years of retirement, where he occupied himself with prayer and poetic composition, he died January 25, 389. This success confirmed for both Gregory and Basil that their futures lay in administration of the Church. Gregory would later refer to his episcopal ordination as forced upon him by his strong-willed father and Basil.

[16] This led some late-nineteenth century Christian universalists, notably J. W. Hanson and Philip Schaff, to describe Gregory's theology as universalist. "[38] He stunned the Council with his surprise resignation and then delivered a dramatic speech to Theodosius asking to be released from his offices. 29,2,", P.J. Gregory is honored as a saint in both Eastern and Western Christianity. [4]:241[14] From this little chapel he delivered five powerful discourses on Nicene doctrine, explaining the nature of the Trinity and the unity of the Godhead. On the vigil of Easter in 379, an Arian mob burst into his church during worship services, wounding Gregory and killing another bishop. In this role, Gregory made a significant impact on the shape of Trinitarian theology in both the Greek-speaking and Latin-speaking worlds, and he is remembered as the "Trinitarian Theologian."

Norris, "The Tetragrammaton in Gregory Nazianzen (Or.

[3]:50 By the end of 383 he found his health too feeble to cope with episcopal duties. [2]:143 In the subsequent public debates, presided over by agents of the Emperor Valens, Gregory and Basil emerged triumphant.

Christ ascends, the Spirit takes His place.

(The Greek Anthology, book I epigram 86 and book VIII epigrams 2-11). Biographers suggest that it was this dialectic which defined him, forged his character, and inspired his search for meaning and truth.

With the death of Emperor Valens died in 378, the throne of the Roman Empire was succeeded by Theodosius I, a steadfast supporter of Nicene orthodoxy. "[30] From this little chapel, he delivered five powerful discourses on Nicene doctrine, explaining the nature of the Trinity and the unity of the Godhead. [18] However, it is not clear or universally accepted that Gregory held to the doctrine of apocatastasis.[19]. [2]:125–6 With the death of the emperor, Gregory and the Eastern churches were no longer under the threat of persecution, as the new emperor Jovian was an avowed Christian and supporter of the church.[2]:130.

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[2]:vii The young Gregory and his brother, Caesarius, first studied at home with their uncle Amphylokhios. Near the end of this period his friend Basil died. After enjoying five peaceful years in retirement at his family estate, he died on January 25 in 389. Part of the relics were taken from Constantinople by Crusaders during the Fourth Crusade, in 1204, and ended up in Rome. [3]:32[5] Leaving home after a few days, he met his friend Basil at Annesoi, where the two lived as ascetics. Hoping to reconcile the West with the East, he offered to recognize Paulinus as Patriarch of Antioch. J. Egan, "Gregory of Nazianzus and the Logos Doctrine," J. Plevnic, ed.. Anna-Stina Ellverson, The Dual Nature of Man: A Study in the Theological Anthropology of Gregory of Nazianzus. [4]:187–92 Describing his new bishopric, Gregory lamented how it was nothing more than an "utterly dreadful, pokey little hole; a paltry horse-stop on the main road ... devoid of water, vegetation, or the company of gentlemen ... this was my Church of Sasima! [4]:235 The exiled Nicene party gradually returned to the city. Saint Gregory of Nazianzus (329–January 25, 389 C.E.

Ruether (1969, 54) discusses Gregory's conflicted nature. Escaping the mob, Gregory next found himself betrayed by his erstwhile friend, the philosopher Maximus the Cynic.

Turner and Francis Young, "Procession(s)" in.

Following the deaths of his mother and father in 374, Gregory continued to administer the diocese of Nazianzus but refused to be named bishop.

"[6] He made little effort to administer his new diocese, complaining to Basil that he preferred instead to pursue a contemplative life.[3]:38–9.

Gregory made a significant impact on the shape of Trinitarian theology among both Greek- and Latin-speaking theologians, and he is remembered as the "Trinitarian Theologian".

Gerald Fitzpatrick, "St Gregory Nazianzen: Education for Salvation,", V. Harrison, "Some Aspects of Saint Gregory (Nazianzen) the Theologian's Soteriology,", Susan R. Holman, "Healing the Social Leper in Gregory of Nyssa's and Gregory of Nazianzus's peri philoptochias,", M. Edmund Hussey,"The Theology of the Holy Spirit in the Writings of St. Gregory of Nazianzus,".

This was a highly promising regime change for those who wished to purge Constantinople (and, indirectly, all of Christendom) of Arian and Apollinarian domination. Gregory Nazianzen, "Julian the Emperor" (1888). [8]:32[10] Leaving home after a few days, he met his friend Basil at Annesoi, where the two lived as ascetics.

/* 728x90, created 7/15/08 */ Article Id: He is widely quoted by Eastern Orthodox theologians and highly regarded as a defender of the Christian faith.

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