google annual report 2014

October 25, 2020

At times, we make select intellectual property broadly available at no or low cost to achieve a strategic objective, such as promoting industry standards, advancing interoperability, or attracting and enabling our external development community. We also consider specific adverse conditions related to the financial health of and business outlook for the investee, including industry and sector performance, changes in technology, and operational and financing cash flow factors. For derivative instruments that are not designated as hedges, gains (losses) from changes in fair values are primarily recognized in other income (expense). audit for tax years 2004 to 2006 during the third quarter of fiscal year 2011, we remain under audit for those years. As of June 30, 2014, the total notional amounts of fixed-interest rate contracts purchased and sold were $503 million and $741 million, respectively. We also provide consulting and product and solution support services, and we train and certify computer system integrators and developers. In December 2012, the court ruled that Motorola’s patent is invalid. In July 2013, Microsoft filed an action in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. seeking an order to compel enforcement of the ITC’s May 2012 import ban against infringing Motorola products by the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”), after learning that CBP had failed to fully enforce the order. The segment information in this note is reported on that basis. Examples of assumptions include: the elements comprising a software arrangement, including the distinction between upgrades or enhancements and new products; when technological feasibility is achieved for our products; the potential outcome of future tax consequences of events that have been recognized in our consolidated financial statements or tax returns; and determining when investment impairments are other-than-temporary. We will continue to create new opportunities for partners, increase customer satisfaction, and improve our service excellence, business efficacy, and internal processes. From time to time, to hedge our price risk, we may use and designate equity derivatives as hedging instruments, including puts, calls, swaps, and forwards. Commercial gross margin increased $3.3 billion or 9%, in line with revenue. The share repurchase program became effective on October 1, 2013, has no expiration date, and may be suspended or discontinued at any time without notice.
Motorola has exhausted all appeals and the rulings in Microsoft’s favor are final. Our success depends on our ability to attract new users, understand intent, and match intent with relevant content and advertiser offerings.

Google hired nearly 3,000 people over the last three months, more than average, and also invested heavily in building out new data centers. Other-than-temporary impairments were $208 million in fiscal year 2013, compared with $298 million in fiscal year 2012.

The offer provided significantly discounted rights to purchase Windows 8 Pro to qualifying end-users that purchased Windows 7 PCs during the eligibility period. Such costs related to software development are included in research and development expense until the point that technological feasibility is reached, which for our software products, is generally shortly before the products are released to manufacturing. We are a leader among technology companies in pursuing patents and currently have a portfolio of over 55,000 U.S. and international patents issued and over 40,000 pending. Our common stock is traded on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol MSFT. D&C Other cost of revenue grew, due mainly to a $541 million or 24% increase in online advertising cost of revenue, reflecting support of online infrastructure. In making this judgment, we employ a systematic methodology quarterly that considers available quantitative and qualitative evidence in evaluating potential impairment of our investments. The new guidance will be effective for us beginning July 1, 2014. We aim to deliver the richest and most consistent user experience for digital work and life scenarios on screens of all sizes – from phones, tablets, and laptops to TVs and large, multi-touch displays. All of these new services and experiences will be underpinned by significant investments in our cloud strategy — including building more datacenters and increasing capacity in existing regions; expanding our hybrid cloud offerings with new releases of StorSimple, InMage and other products; and launching new cloud capabilities, such as Azure Machine Learning, an offering that has the potential to be game-changing in helping people mine data for predictions. Office Commercial revenue growth depends on our ability to add value to the core product set and to continue to expand our product offerings in other areas such as content management, enterprise search, collaboration, unified communications, and business intelligence. Interest expense increased due to higher outstanding long-term debt. An audit also includes assessing the accounting principles used and significant estimates made by management, as well as evaluating the overall financial statement presentation. Investors have been hoping that YouTube's advertising business and revenue from apps sold through the Play Store would provide new sources of growth outside Google's traditional search and display ads business. We are subject to income tax in many jurisdictions outside the U.S. Our operations in certain jurisdictions remain subject to examination for tax years 1996 to 2013, some of which are currently under audit by local tax authorities. (a) Goodwill acquired during fiscal year 2014 related to the acquisition of NDS. Net losses on derivatives increased due to higher losses on foreign exchange contracts, losses on equity derivatives as compared to gains in the prior period, offset in part by gains on commodity and interest rate derivatives as compared to losses in the prior period.
Computing and Gaming Hardware revenue decreased $279 million or 4%, due primarily to lower revenue from the Xbox Platform, offset in part by Surface revenue. Xbox Platform cost of revenue increased $2.1 billion or 72%, due mainly to higher volumes of consoles sold and higher costs associated with Xbox One. Other than those derivatives entered into for investment purposes, such as commodity contracts, the gains (losses) are generally economically offset by unrealized gains (losses) in the underlying available-for-sale securities, which are recorded as a component of OCI until the securities are sold or other-than-temporarily impaired, at which time the amounts are reclassified from accumulated other comprehensive income (“AOCI”) into other income (expense). Because of its inherent limitations, internal control over financial reporting is not intended to provide absolute assurance that a misstatement of our financial statements would be prevented or detected. We generate revenue by developing, licensing, and supporting a wide range of software products, by offering an array of services, including cloud-based services to consumers and businesses, by designing, manufacturing, and selling devices that integrate with our cloud-based services, and by delivering relevant online advertising to a global audience. In March 2013, the FASB issued guidance on a parent’s accounting for the cumulative translation adjustment upon derecognition of a subsidiary or group of assets within a foreign entity.

In addition, the standard requires disclosure of the nature, amount, timing, and uncertainty of revenue and cash flows arising from contracts with customers. As of June 30, 2014 and 2013, the total notional derivative amounts of mortgage contracts purchased were $1.1 billion and $1.2 billion, respectively. The resolutions of these audits are not expected to be material to our consolidated financial statements. Although on-premises software will continue to be an important part of our business, increasingly we are delivering additional value to customers through cloud-based services. Commercial Cloud revenue grew $582 million or 82%, due mainly to higher revenue from Office 365 Commercial. Motorola has declared these patents essential to the implementation of the H.264 video standard and the 802.11 Wi-Fi standard.

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