e 1027 interior

October 25, 2020

Photography: Tim Benton. It was designed and built from 1926-29 by the Irish architect and furniture designer Eileen Gray. In contrast to the front of the house, which faced the sea, the of the sides and back of the home are plain blank solid walls, broken by a slice of narrow vertical windows. On the floors were her distinctive rugs, color blocked with abstract shapes, scattered in the rooms near her signature furnishings, the now famous Bibendum chairs, and familiar side tables next to beds and sofas.

In fact, Le Corbusier was a good friend of Badovici’s and was obsessed with E-1027. Until they gain their own patina, these brand new, flawless pieces cut a subtle contrast with the cracked and water-stained walls and floors. Eileen Gray’s iconic E1027 house on the Côte d’Azur opens to visitors.

For example, in the article titled “Maison  en Bord de Mer,” the architects explained that the doors to each room were placed outside of the sight lines so that each room appeared to be free and alone; inspired by the traditional architecture of the region and by the habits of the traditional women on the coast, the kitchen was separated from the house proper, the entrance experience was ambiguous with an atrium for the entry but upon entering the covered space, the visitor faced a blank wall and was forced to seek the entrance. Its interior spaces aren’t immediately revealed: Rooms are private places waiting to be discovered. The importance of looking at E. 1027 in its original state as recorded in black and white photographs is stressed because it can be clearly seen that behind the bed and to the right of the bed are plain white walls. Le Corbusier watched over the house he never owned and in 1965, fate caught up with him.

The snapshots must have been taken some time before World War II and there’s something vaguely pornographic and onanistic about the way he’s lying on the divan in the living room, touching himself, drawing something on a table while his foot is propped on a stool, or posing in front of one of the murals, further indicting himself.”. Actual death came next. This is when the imposition, the so-called “rape” of the house began. E-1027 is a modernist villa in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, in the Alpes-Maritimes department of France. Over the last few years, the conservationists’ work had focused on the recreation of the building’s Eileen Gray–designed furniture. E.1027: Maison enbord the mer, 1929. There’s a group of grainy photographs, recently uncovered, that shows Le Corbusier lounging around the house in his underwear, or naked, or in pajamas.

E. 1027 rose on tall columns a full story above the ground with only a quarter of the structure—the entry—set on the foundation. With its horizontal white lines, funnel-like stairwell opening onto the roof and token buoy hitched to the side, it’s like a modernist ship ready to set sail. After that, the house and surrounding area were declared a “Site Moderne” due to their international significance.

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