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October 25, 2020

They can't be allowed to run around committing crimes so instead of banning them we can't simply improve them to meet the standards of that of state-run or government-run facilities. CORRECTION...Not EVERYONE in jail or prison is in fact guilty. This is just ONE case. There are certain institutions, when built as as a for profit entities, that present a conflict of interest with public good. Pie taste good while sitting on the toilet and shoving down my moist mouth with whip cream on my face one day i was riding my scooter and a black man came up to me on a bike and was wearing a monkey mask and punched my tit and it hurt. The goal of the justice system is of course to reduce crime. How can they be trusted to provide any sort of rehabilitation when doing so hurts their own business model? Kamala Harris, a former prosecutor who has faced criticism of her criminal justice record, tweeted recently that “phasing out detention centers and private prisons” would be one of her first acts as president. In California, where state law requires lobbyists to disclose their contributions in detail, we know that CCA used its resources to support, among other things, additional adult and juvenile prisons and detention centers and to oppose a bill that would have outlawed private prisons entirely. Privatization removes an aspect of government authority from the justice process. There is too much room for snafus and loopholes with a private prison. Where will the prisoners go when private prisons are banned.

• Private Prisons cause a bigger debt for the state. At least 27 states incarcerated people in private facilities, and eight of those states used private facilities to house at least 15 percent of their prison populations (not all states reported data). If you take those prisons owned by the corporations out, you have an unhealthy excess of prisoners needing containment and beds. It doesn't make sense of why they should control the prison industry. Private companies are also making big investments in reentry, electronic monitoring and drug treatment programs. For-profit prisons are cheaper because tax payers don't have to pay for the prisons. That is why the two major players in this game—the Corrections Corporation of America and the GEO Group—invest heavily in lobbying for punitive criminal justice policies and make hefty contributions to political campaigns that will increase reliance on prisons.

Joseph Margulies is a civil rights attorney and a professor of law and government at Cornell University, as well as the author most recently of What Changed When Everything Changed: 9/11 and the Making of National Identity. How many people are serving time in private prisons? The DOJ found that, in general, private prisons provide fewer correctional services at greater security and safety risk to inmates and staff, without producing substantial savings. 1. The risks transporting all of them..? In 2010 2 private prisons made around $3 billion. The privatization of prisons creates job opportunities on numerous levels for a community. Especially today, when the systemic, deeply entrenched, racialized problems with the criminal justice system are increasingly apparent, we should not endorse strategies that encourage the expansion of the carceral state.

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