channel 7 news consumer complaints

October 25, 2020

At the moment we are watching The Heat (blue) playing the Melbourne Stars (green). T-Mobile's insurance company Assurant instructed me to send the phone to Apple to be repaired, I told T-Mobile that I did not want it repaired I wanted a new phone and the one they sent me was not. I'm constantly being charged and don't have the phone and no one is helping me, I have spoken to senior advisors and all gave me a different response and when I try to call them back as instructed to do by them, they never answer their phone, Please can someone help because they have my money and my phone and no one will assist me and get the issue resolved. Having recently spent alot of time visiting my father at a nursing home, I have to agree. Take this ridiculous ad down stating that he is a hero, it is an insult to the real heroes in our community. If was so good would not need constant ads as would be watching it and if junk tv a thousand ads not going to get any viewers. In the pink ball tests they refer to the first session of play as the morning session,pretty dumb if you ask me. On June 24, 2020 I was busy at work and lost my phone, the next day June 25, 2020 I contacted T-Mobile paid the $250 deductible and they sent me out another phone, I received it on July 1, 2020, the phone was refurbished. HI my name is Gary Colston .I have just seen worsfold press conference on the Essendon website it went for seven minutes 20 seconds. So you say that your the most passionate sporting broadcaster of all games live and ad free channel 7 that also what you said about cricket When you brought the rights from channel 9 but truly you couldn’t give a shit about the cricket! I would like some one to please contact me about, i got no communicaion after i complained after the st.kilda game.about the issues. We are unable to assist with cases outside of our area. Consumer complaints and reviews about CHANNEL 7 [email protected] Send email : Oct 9, 2020 Samantha Armitage's commentary on Queensland border closures. You can transfer money from one go card to another but if you don't travel within a month or so you lose your credit. I understand that former PM Howard will be interviewed at tea at the Sydney test today. All Rights Reserved. You do all Australians a disservice - except perhaps those who are still to be convinced that climate change is real, like the current PM. Channel 7, Why??????? I’m Australian and I’m appalled by your actions. No doubt this comment was directed to a female contestant. Ken. Do you have an issue with a company that you haven't been able to resolve? Some years back complained about putting car crash ads on around Christmas new year period when countless families already have trauma from loved ones being killed or injured in hiway accidents. It is not good enough there are a lot of people like myself and wife that would to see it all after on the tv after the game and not have to wait for it to come up on the Essendon website 12 hours later. It was with disgust that I watched the Italian team score perfect 10’s for their pasta dish which resulted in them winning the challenge against the team from Venezuela. SHAME SHAME SHAME. So now Apple has the phone they should be sending it back to me, but they are just sitting on it and T-Mobile is saying that they cannot do anything because the phone was sent to Apple but T-Mobile instructed me to send it to Apple and now they won't except any of the responsibility for the misleading instruction that they gave me. Copyright © 2020 KGO-TV. Smith was dismissed on a no ball, the bowlers foot slipped over the line prior to him letting the ball go. Consumer Complaints Responds is interested in helping resolve your concern or complaint; but before contacting the Responds team, please make sure that you have tried to communicate directly with the institution or entity with which you disagree and have taken the necessary steps to resolve your conflict. Never compare STEVE SMITH to Sir Donald as he is a cheat and a liar. I'm sick of channels relying on repeat shows. Am disappointed about the excessive amount of and the times home and away ads get. It was a no ball, the foot had slid over the line by the time the ball left his hand. I am not politically aligned and have been a fan of Channel 7's Sunrise program for many years, enjoying the personable vibe, humorous banter and as balanced a commentary on Australian affairs as can be reasonably expected from any news … 7 On Your Side keeps you updated with consumer reports and investigative reporting from San Francisco, the Bay Area and all Northern California neighborhoods. You have contacted the company and explained your complaint. When you started the cricket you told us every match, every over, every wicket etc etc. What a money grabbing organisation this is. I also have insurance on the phone as well, with Assurant the insurance company for T-Mobile, having this qualifies me to receive a new phone if something happens to the phone. Our process in assisting consumers requires us to contact the business and present your issue. Bay Area wind updates: Wind Advisory remains in effect in Solano Co. Power Shutoffs: Some North Bay residents feel more 'prepared', U.S. stocks see severe drop Monday as COVID-19 cases surge, Brush fire near Irvine doubles in size to 4,000 acres, CA to receive 11.9M rapid COVID-19 tests from federal government, Mt. You can find direct links to various consumer agencies here. Just why are you not showing midday movies every weekday. So I owed .68c on the card. Come on channel 7, try a little harder and give people more variety, especially during these boring days of compulsory home stays. If your complaint wasn't resolved, you should request a chance to work out the problem with a supervisor. Didn't travel on the card so I am back to owing them .68c. If you do not want us to contact the business, we may be unable to assist you. is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Seven West Media / Channel 7. The biggest game of the big bash and you aren’t broadcasting live as you have proudly advertising about your love of sport!! Get rid of a lot of your sport broadcasting especially your cricket broadcasting or you will be the death of sport like cricket in Australia!!!! You are destroying one of the few pleasures they have left in life. Do you have an issue with a company that you haven't been able to resolve? Oh but hang on...there is no expiry date on the card so who knows when that is!!!!!! You understand that 7 On Your Side's consumer hotline is a free consumer mediation service. He took a sheet of her pasta , refolded it and put it through the pasta machine again..demonstrating to her that this is what she had to do. My mum is 83 and she always complains that there is nothing much on tv for her age group. Steve Smith is NOT a hero, he is a cheat and a liar who should have been banned for life from cricket. It is extremely hard to work out who is playing and the score. Don't dillydally. Most of the people watch it school kids or young adults and ads put on when they sleeping, at school or otherwise not able to see the ad.Used to enjoy watching sunrise until they started hammering this programs ad and now do not watch and get my morning info from 9s today show. It looks like you are as bad as 9. 7 On Your Side primarily deals with consumer problems, usually, but not limited to, the purchase of goods and services by individuals. Gary went over to their station and physically intervened. NOT EVERYONE IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA IS AN AFL FAN. Most of the tv shows and movies are the same stuff all the time. Think of what age group is at home the most during the day and I bet the elderly/pensioners come up first. I am not politically aligned and have been a fan of Channel 7's Sunrise program for many years, enjoying the personable vibe, humorous banter and as balanced a commentary on Australian affairs as can be reasonably expected from any news source. This advertisement was screened twice during the Judge John Deed episode on Channel 7 2 on Thursday 26/12/2019. Once again WA is disadvantaged.! Same this year. From close in 2019 to 2020 all seen 30 times a week was car crash which shows contempt for viewers. Have you any idea of just how many people look forward to sitting down and chilling out for a couple of hours, have a bite to eat and be entertained by a movie. By using this website you agree to our Cookies Policy. When trying to watch news and only half an hour before it on is being advertised and same after in first half hour. You have several channels to shows these repeats, but no, you continually remove the midday movies. Shouldn't the money expire when your card expires! ABC7 covers product recalls, discounts, tips, and tests the newest cars, appliances, computers,TVs, medicines and more. I don't often watch Channel Seven as it is full of rubbish however I was interested to see what an allegedly fabulous criminal lawyer had to say over the Falconio murder . Your advertising stated at the beginning of the series free TV coverage for all Big Bash Games. The women rolling it declared it was not dry enough and ideally she needed longer to let it dry. Please put your tired old reruns on one of your other channels and leave the midday movies on your main channel. I came with my own iPhone 8 Plus, I started out as prepaid and did this for 1 year which qualified me for post pay, with post pay I could upgrade the phone which I did, to an 11 Promax and pay up for the year on a monthly basis, I have been doing so faithfully. You mainly have such a good range of movies, so why not keep up the standard. Why oh why is there almost nothing on tv during the day/early evening time (9am-8pm) for the elderly. 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It would be greatly appreciated if you could change the print from white in the information box to black. Is channel 7 getting too lazy, or just trying to save money, by repeating House Rules, the next day, instead of putting on a movie, which I always looked forward to, because they were usually true stories. If so, 7 On Your Side wants to help you! Your password has been sent to the specified email address. the people fighting the bushfires are heroes, the police, fire and ambulance services are heroes, the men and women serving in our armed forces defending us here and overseas are heroes. Maybe I am wrong. Keep the master letter on your computer and tailor it as needed to file complaints online. The back of the phone got really hot, it kept freezing and the phone volume was going up and down as I talked on it, so I contacted T-Mobile and told them what was going on. Got $9.72 transferred to it from another card I had. If so, 7 On Your Side at ABC7 in the San Francisco Bay Area wants to help you! Why did channel cut it short after 2 minutes 45 seconds they did the same after the st.kilda game .

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