book review of eleven minutes

October 25, 2020

Love had finally spoken, but Maria lost her own breath and the words too. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Learn how your comment data is processed. In some ways that my impression from “Eleven Minutes” is comparable to “Veronica Decides to Die”. That may be why we categorize works of writers like Coelho under popular fiction banner. Not because I was desperate to know what happens but because I wanted to be done with it! Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho My rating: 5 of 5 stars This is the first book I’ve read by Paulo Coelho and, I suspect, it won’t be my last. Had paperback book 10 years & read it twice. Extract: ‘Maria waited for the light to change, she crossed the road and paused in front of the floral clock; she thought of Ralf, saw again the look of desire In his eyes on the night when she had slipped off the top half of her dress, felt his hands touching her breasts, her sex, her face, and she became wet; and as she looked at the vast column of water in the distance, without even having to touch any part of her own body, she had an orgasm right there, in front of everyone. She meets the librarian, the professional, those that truly feel, those that act, and those for whom the act itself has little depth or meaning. Top critical review. But she got an orgasm either way! Paulo Coelho is truly quite bestseller-producer, with Three hundred and fifty million books oversubscribed worldwide. I bought this book to get a different cultural perspective, and it fulfilled that well. Reading through their conversation feels transformative because their arguments, their words, bleed right into ones’ soul the only way poetry knows how to. Ralf saw her ‘light’, when, all everybody else saw was an Innocent Girl, the Femme Fatal or ‘the Understanding Mother to grown men’, the three role-plays she perfected. Just got it on kindle good read deal and will read it again! Perhaps she had alternate ways (intellectual paths) to satisfy her thirst for the reality of life. One day, the boy spoke, he borrowed a pencil. ( Log Out /  But suddenly she had the orgasm which, in all those months, dozens, no, hundreds of men had failed to give her. She was 11 years of age and fell in love with a boy. She cries in front of the Arab when she realizes; Extract: It wasn’t the agency’s fault, or hers, or the man’s, this was simply how things worked. It is at the Copacabana, now working as a prostitute, serving nuggets of wisdom and orgasms _which she never experienced herself_ to executives, Pilots, Doctors and such kind of motley that she discovered that men pay for a prostitute for a moment that lasts an average of 11 minutes. Brazilian author Paulo Coelho’s novel, Eleven Minutes (Portuguese: Onze Minutos, 2003) takes us through the experiences of a young Brazilian sex-worker and her journey to self-realization. These encounters become a never-ending cycle, an experience whose artificial face is sexual pleasure but underneath the veil, the real face is frustration. The Careful Craft of Writing Female Subjectivity, Yaa Gyasi’s ‘Transcendent Kingdom’ Is a Triumphant Meditation on Loss and Grief, The Case For A Tree Grows In Brooklyn As The Great American Novel, Why ‘31 Letters and 13 Dreams’ is a Book of Poetry You Need to Read. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. So, I would recommend everyone to read this book, patiently and honestly. In exploring herself, starting as a teen and up through her 23rd year, the protagonist, Maria, gains, loses and regains the ability to love both emotionally and physically. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . Maria was accustomed to men and their pick-up lines trying to “pick her up”. A very profound and in depth look at sexuality and our every day lives. This is exposing your fantasies to the world unawares. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. He is also a features writer (journalist) at Free Press Kashmir. The content of the book does describe the reality of being desperately, poor, rural, and third world, and finding a way to "succeed" in an urban capitalist society. How you ask? That night, Extract: She went to the Arab’s hotel, drank champagne, got herself almost completely drunk, opened her legs, waited for the him to have an orgasm. Not sure if he's a psychologist, but I don't think so. There is very much the same inner conflict, struggle and overall challenge everyone faces... whether you’re a sex worker, the average office worker, or librarian. This somehow disappointed her because coupled with boys who kept breaking her heart, she was no longer excited about Men and she chose to ignore love entirely. She never mastered the courage to speak to the boy but she always looked forward to sunrises, for mornings were her finest hour, moments when she would walk behind the boy on the way to school and fantasize on how it would be like if the boy spoke to her.

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