big thompson flood 1976 victims

October 25, 2020

Preface On the eve of the Colorado Centennial, July 31, 1976, a con­ centrated and stationary storm rained twelve inches of water on the upper Big Thompson Canyon in a three hour period. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. When Larimer County last year suggested it would divest itself of 153 parcels of canyon land, acquired after the flood, it rankled many residents. Two Army helicopters made three rapid evacuation flights. As Purdy proceeded into the canyon, he ordered the evacuation of the lower areas below the canyon, a decision that saved hundreds of lives. A Chinook helicopter from Fort Carson picks up flood victims in Big Thompson Canyon in August 1976. Fax 970-667-6465. July 31, 1976. Someone will be at the memorial some of the day, but will most likely be gone around 7:00pm. A band of thunderstorms, only 5 to 10 miles wide had stalled for more than three hours July 31 over Big Thompson Canyon, dumping 12 to 14 inches of rain that night in 1976. The Big Thompson flood of 1976 was the deadliest flash flood in Colorado’s recorded history. July 31, 1976. “And we haven’t heard much from the county since.”. Her house survived; many neighbors' homes did not. Martin, Frances and Adam were like family to me. As Special Consultant on the recovery effort, we have appreciated being involved in contributing our resources to that blend. The names of the victims of the 1976 Big Thompson flood. The event is from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The ceremony Thursday near the Big Thompson Volunteer Fire Department building honored the 144 victims killed in the 1976 Big Thompson flood … and Ginny Pulliam had just returned from a long trip, but within moments, the couple were desperately climbing an old elm tree as the river lapped around their ankles. In the years following the flood, early warning systems have advanced, including reverse 911, automated networks of stream and rain gauges, Doppler radar and satellite imagery. Ginny Pulliam, who lives in Loveland, offers a simple reason for making it through that night. For more information, go to or e-mail “When they first talked about it, there was an outcry that maybe the county was moving too fast,” said Joyce Kilmer, head of the Big Thompson Canyon Association. High losses were reported by both groups. Denver warned residents Monday they could face another stay-at-home order if the resurgent spread of COVID-19 is not soon brought under control, saying "what we are doing isn’t working.". CLICK HERE TO TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS. 1976: Deadly Big Thompson flood devastates Colorado - NBC News When he landed at the evacuation center, he walked to the pinned-up list of missing men, … Some chose to drive their cars or trucks to get ahead of the water, only to become trapped in a rolling crypt. Seven people died in Denver, and damage was estimated at $1 million. There would usually be a program or potluck or both. 1904: Floodwaters weakened a bridge near Pueblo, causing it to collapse under the weight of a train, killing at least 97 people and leaving 14 unaccounted for. “Anybody who lived through the Big Thompson now knows what a flash flood can do.”. Due to COVID-19 folks will be able to stop by the memorial to say hi, or if you don’t have time drive by & honk your horn. There would usually be a program or potluck or both. Memorials will be held today and Monday to mark the 30th anniversary of the Big Thompson Flood. “It was awful.”. “I couldn’t figure out, what in the world were these people doing out there without their clothes?” Nilsson said. 125 Grouse Hollow Lane The 44 th anniversary of the 1976 Big Thompson Flood, will not be as usual. Denver City Councilman Kevin Flynn figured his bill was dead before it hit the floor Monday night. “It just became a very violent place,” Jarrett said. We are certainly hoping (as is … “When I thought of flooding before in Colorado, I just thought maybe a creek bed overflowing,” said Erik Nilsson, now Larimer County’s emergency services coordinator. High losses were reported by both groups. Purdy had finished his shift when Greeley dis-patchers informed him of severe weather problems in the Big Thompson Canyon. “At some point, your survival instincts kick in and that is all that matters.”. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. “About 9 p.m., our friend Alice Gifford called us and asked us how the river was because the rain was really coming down where she was at and it was washing the road out,” Barb Anderson said. The response to the Big Thompson Flood Disaster of July 31, 1976, has been a blend of talent and resources from local, state, federal and private sectors. It killed 139 people. Ginny Pulliam, 96, called it her “unscheduled cruise” down the Big Thompson. Several memorials are planned today and Monday to mark the 30th anniversary of the Big Thompson Flood, which began July 31, 1976. And now residents want to make sure the former owners – whether they live in the canyon or not – have a fair chance at each sliver of land. By continuing to use the site, you accept our, On July 31, between 12 and 14 inches of rain fell over a … On Monday, a high-water marker dedication is scheduled for Viestenz-Smith Park at 10:30 a.m. Information booths will be available at the park from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. A memorial candlelight service for the victims of the flood will be at the Big Thompson Canyon Association building at 8 p.m. Books and CDs dedicated to the flood will be available for sale. “A nightmare,” Ginny Pulliam called it. 1933: A dam on Cherry Creek failed after heavy rain. “It was a rare meteorological event, especially considering the amount and intensity of the rainfall,” said Robert Jarrett, who studies paleohydrology and climate change for the U.S. Geological Survey. There would usually be a program or potluck or both. Geographer Eve Gruntfest, who studies flash floods, stands in front of a photo of a car mangled by the flood. Finally, the couple became entangled in the limbs of a giant oak tree where they prayed for rescue. Colorado’s worst natural disaster killed 144 people and carried several victims up to 25 miles away, some as far east as Interstate 25, while others were never found. Currently, there are nine “real-time” stream-flow gauging stations in the upper Big Thompson River basin. Officials estimate as many as 2,500 people lived in Big Thompson Canyon before the flood and speculate that about the same number of people populate the canyon floor today. It was so strong it tore the clothes right off (their) backs.”. Big Thompson Canyon, Colorado. “A few minutes she called back and said, ‘Barb get out. Victims of the Big Thompson Canyon Flood, Colorado. The river quickly rose and peaked in less than an hour in some parts, Jarrett said, catching 3,500 residents and tourists by surprise. The flood … Big Thompson Flood Victims: One Year Later* JUDITH A. MILLER, JOSEPH G. TURNER, AND EDITH KIMBALL** One year following the 1976 Big Thompson Flood, 65 elderly flood victims and 97 parents in their child rearing years were individually interviewed about their flood experience and recovery process. A stench, something akin to rotten eggs, filled the air. Water roared through downtown Pueblo. clung to a beam while rushing water took them miles down the river. He and other rescuers found more victims, many dead, almost all with no clothes on. Sergeant Purdy was a victim and a hero of the Big Thompson Flood of 1976. Remembering, connecting, and healing together. “An Olympic-caliber swimmer wouldn’t have stood much of a chance.”. D.R. The flood spurred some seemingly common-sense approaches as well. They could only listen as the river smashed against rocks and debris. Some people didn’t like the county taking the parcels in the first place. Many residents only heard about the oncoming flood via a phone call from someone upstream. Someone saw D.R.’s flashlight, and they were wrapped in blankets and taken to shelter. We are certainly hoping (as is … 1921: The Arkansas River burst its banks after three days of rain. It was the coldest, wettest, scariest night of their eleven-year-old lives. Robert Graham and Michele Graham hold hands as they listen as the names of the 144 people who died in the 1976 Big Thompson flood at a memorial service … The flood was Colorado's worst natural disaster, causing $35 million in damage. OK. Monte Whaley is a former Denver Post reporter. Staff writer Monte Whaley can be reached at 720-929-0907 or “Survival,” Pulliam said. Towns and cities along the Front Range are allowing homes to be built dangerously close to 100-year flood plains in canyons similar to Big Thompson, he said. They are connected by the flood, knowing they may have to depend on each other again. We are certainly hoping (as is the rest of the world) we will be able to once again be together. There will be self-guided tours of the canyon, followed by a reception at the River Forks Inn in Drake. The 44 th anniversary of the 1976 Big Thompson Flood, will not be as usual. He saw cars and trees bobbing past him. The public is invited to the Big Thompson Canyon Association building, located 1 mile east of Drake and 13 miles west of the Loveland Kmart, for a display of how the flood developed and its aftermath. The resulting flash flood swept away 323 homes, damaged another 121, destroyed 52 businesses, and washed out U. S. Highway 34 in a dozen places. Flash Flood. Leaking propane tanks ripped from the shore exploded in the distance, sporadically lighting the canyon walls. Two Army helicopters made three rapid evacuation flights. It was a beautiful summer Saturday in Northern Colorado, as thousands of residents and tourists visited beautiful Estes Park, to begin a weekend of fun. “Seven (people) died because they went to higher ground, but they went back to move their car or … to shut off their stove.”. Why have models of Colorado’s coronavirus trajectory been off? He was right. The churning waters had spit out sedan-size boulders. A hand-written note left by a firefighter who helped save a home from the from East Troublesome fire has lead to an outpouring of joy and gratitude on social media.

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