best practice regulation handbook

October 25, 2020

0 copyright act    ���F�x�U���K�U���:|���#C$Z׾o~尳�Bu��C�$����y�>����%���E�r2��5�)t=2�Z��nA�����4y��~�%��ac�Y����d The initial steps that policy officers need to … 0000003176 00000 n � ��s�Jʁo���C+/O�9�Vaj66���\��[3I�&'{�� �V���T�(���y�xk��K����C��E�eM�p��@�݆%S����d�Q���Soכ��l� 5���>bRt@ ��ٜX����U>� ��]�e,�s yH. The Office of Best Practice Regulation (OBPR) administers the Australian Government and COAG RIS requirements. The assessments sought to identify areas where Best Practice Regulation: A guide for ministerial councils and national standard setting bodies (October 2007) provides guidance to Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Ministerial Councils and other national standard setting bodies on best-practice regulation making. 0000003472 00000 n startxref this Best Practice Regulation Handbook. 0000007788 00000 n Requests and inquiries concerning reproduction and rights should be addressed to the, best practice regulation handbook    0000005118 00000 n ]9�3�T�MgX�1�M� 58�7�8⺵�y�-�m����>�hkQ$�1I��d@�f����@C{� X�X3]�$�΀J'�GV�����U�`�zK�U@�b�S��`�����`%�O9~`���ЖB mɪ�Ŧ�`� e62ז���{�$B&����x�H���a�̛Ñ�ɒޑ���T�J�PH����3�����U}�3O����u`�L-���b�~Rv������1�cҨf:qGb3���P�'�K�F�o��Xv��v`���TG�@u�$?�x� J�o�5%}3Ɔz�w%q&X�&��e�x}���G��^Jf�D�ɉ% F�ag�ش36m'�l��W��8w]�N�O߈�L�}jI(�Xd]�#����Z 9��WI�ώ3��%�0�Q��O ��B� >����c�r2�'jϸXr}��%y�wڑ�. trailer 0000018489 00000 n BEst PRaCtICE REgUlatIoN HaNdBooK. m�[ �*���#��"�˟�_�����=e��o! ]$�X� :�C����yH�N�q��v����m�宦o�IM�6���b�%��w�Mu�q�/����K}�v��?�B�s+����:G��H��jFةVA�ԯ���3���%��.�0-�݈����Q������N�q֌���ۄ�"ۣ�Ut�lN�� %%EOF }�K*�%Yq���)>:>,����zeZ�9��6������LJ�����ԟ�J��69�߹Z��ڙQW0Kb�fǕ�33 mg��H���Q�L�I���g��HCAB��7�WU9$7�|��:H��8��� �L�2����2�yM �wX��t�aj l����Vh�ˇ>~_� �{}匢S+��C��d��h�Wr4�q���q��.�r�[�I���q�5u^k���[�5�k�$�C� 0000003315 00000 n attorney-general department, Developed at and hosted by The College of Information Sciences and Technology, © 2007-2019 The Pennsylvania State University, The College of Information Sciences and Technology. BEST PRACTICE REGULATION HANDBOOK | JULY 2013: 1.14 The centrepiece of the Australian Government’s best practice regulation process is a regulation impact statement, which contains seven elements setting out: a. the problem or issues that give rise to … "�Л��'��5y��8��&x�U��E;n��qR�d�/��"���!����40����v⻃�m����o�VͲ�0�r甐�5Q��0C�@�=Q�P�=� F�|>Hhw���Y�6��9cԬOml c�kou0W�5�[�_���јn5� Apart from any use as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, the work may be reproduced in whole or in part for study or training purposes, subject to the inclusion of an acknowledgment of the source. It comments on the quality of analysis in RISs and conducts training and provides guidance to assist agencies in preparing RISs. 1�6k��u���:�,O���.L��W���"�So[���c�3%�j?�4���1K�v^7��� N�d�w��Q�%��x�ƥ�7]{�[:o~�o��*$��~}��q� It outlines the principles for best-practice regulation making agreed by COAG, provides guidance for undertaking … commercial use    672 0 obj<>stream xref 0000004731 00000 n BibTeX @MISC{07bestpractice, author = {}, title = {BEST PRACTICE REGULATION HANDBOOK}, year = {2007}} 658 0 obj <> endobj ĽE����81�ˁ���Kg@���B촦h �.N�����'�dj�B���V��������w멮���9[*���N��0��M���*n v-x��l��{�r�S� �^pw�Tv�������)�Ʊw 0000003508 00000 n The Best Practice Regulation model was developed by Treasury to try to provide a "common language" for discussing the performance of regulatory regimes. h�&��N���"�u�=Nm܂�D�����4)��ˎ]4�. 0000000596 00000 n It is the leading independent authority on best practice in board and organisational governance and risk management. o�U�Ƕ��m��������`Yi��i�>1XvY�܂�E�'O�|�5,`�U��8� 0000027330 00000 n <<6F9C16A2BB29634EBE0C9C4F716CD6F7>]>> It is an important tool for protecting the health and safety, the environment and for ensuring a balanced and continuous development of the economy. 658 15 0000004492 00000 n 0000003585 00000 n ڵ]v� n���ސ{ɲ���.XO2��z=I���D�� iE�Z�>u�|C�q�;�4��M�ZCy$E����< ��v��,��֓�0�6���o��(L�KVbʻ��Dz���jd��V�{ݫ�L#�%�]�nkR:u���Kz -ZP�FZR�}H��k�'?6}�h0�N��8d������� �܆���� Q1N�w:���ܑ�L��C�#:��v 3> �9��#P�w��_��ZɁ�Ԃ) C��l�������� �`�K�&��Y53�e? x��WPg����$ �KHb�!A�x $!v"�r(0P�Ή�Y���f�:1D ڠ��֛C�V�M�Q�R{*�y3��p�z�:sg;���~�������ng6�>�=��>��};م �A� �Aп ;b��^�g�_,��Mb�;~�B�f,�+i1}5| ~ �%>�M��y��v5�DZ,Ӛ�� 2-�wp�����g걤����Ux^p�#�y��\�h���5��ӟ�V4g�%���0�F>���C��G�'�d��>���'4�����eLؙ��c}�+��M)W�>�����? 0000003092 00000 n @MISC{07bestpractice,    author = {},    title = {BEST PRACTICE REGULATION HANDBOOK},    year = {2007}}, This work is subject to copyright. ? R�$�G["��6��.n���̗g�ҎNS���U�S#�ӴP(��[����hid�=����`L�-��;.��+:���P�ah_0� |�eBK�� Λ�ۤs�J����t]3�xb5Go���>�?��P���/����n�8s�8P��l���w��e�d�mK�=R-���}��;/���k��>��'tφ��x��Zܶ��@��L�~�hdʋ�R�O�+ڥ�ڔ�?z��m����� �\|��+m�wԄ�L��Sɭ�Q؃b?a.��Ie ��)�X��8}?r���� Z;�ܜ��5�'i�-�|`ͨ�. Introduction Regulation is a key instrument used by the Government to achieve various policy objectives and ensure the wellbeing of citizens. 0000003952 00000 n %PDF-1.4 %���� The OBPR also reports on compliance with the Australian Government’s and COAG RIS requirements. 0000000016 00000 n The Best Practice Regulation Report gathered together high-level departmental assessments of New Zealand regulatory regimes against a set of best practice regulation principles. training purpose    Best Practice Regulation Handbook Chartered Secretaries Australia (CSA) is the peak body for over 7,000 governance and risk professionals. Our accredited … It covers the rationale for the Government’s framework, and provides guidance on the analysis and consultation which must be undertaken when developing regulatory proposals.

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