best key of awesome parodies

October 25, 2020

Created by Steve Berke Comedy. Parody (29) Slapstick Comedy (25) Satire (22) Breaking The Fourth Wall (19) Bare Chested Male (18) Flashback (18) Flatulence (17) Explosion (16) Title Spoken By Character (15) Written And Directed By Cast Member (15) Absurd Comedy (14) Chase (14) Horse (14) Murder (14) Shootout (14) Face Slap (13) Falling From Height (13) Independent Film (13) Psychotronic Film (13) Black Comedy (12) In case you missed it, Key of Awesome parodied Lady Gaga’s Applause, AVByte created a Grand Theft Auto music video and drones present a sweet view of Burning Man. Like most KoA productions, this video is typically well-produced and true to the original video. Eminem (Not Afraid) 7. I quite like ‘Die Young’ too, but even so this is a good spoof of it. Wanz – ‘Thrift Shop’, that they are singing about a Pet Shop rather than a Thrift Shop, but it is still a funny joke, and a good parody too as they have kept very close to the original song. ( Log Out /  Naturally, once the people of the internet got ahold of this stylistic and wacky video, they decided to put their own spin on things. (Tribute) Swipe a … :) I love you! thank you Bearded Nun:)篠崎愛 Send me Fan Mail Letters pictures and cool stuff for me to open in my videos! They managed to do a funny spoof of a video which was comedic anyway, which is something that could easily go wrong. In short, the song is about a young guy who likes shopping at thrift shops because he can't stomach paying fifty dollars for a t-shirt. Aw. This spoof is obviously pro-legalization, and the second half has some pretty decent information about the legalization campaign in various states, crooked lobbyists, along with a run down of the many legitimate medicinal uses of the drug. Eminem (Love the Way You Lie) 5. Go ahead and watch it; I'll wait. Every time someone "likes their Facebook page, they donate a quarter to pet adoption charities. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Change ). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Should I admit that I thought Mark Douglas looked sort of hot dressed as Batman? The original video is NSFW due to language, but if you can handle some curse words, you'll love the off-beat, witty, and hilarious lyrics and concept. WANZ (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Take Tenacious D's old concept. OK, the accents aren’t exactly perfect, but they get a lot of terms right (crisps instead of potato chips, flat instead of apartment, rubbish instead of garbage, primary school instead of elementary school, and even a UK postcode!). The Key of Awesome #129 Ariana Grande oversinging, Big Sean’s whispering (in this video it’s because he is hungover and has laryngitis), and the parody of Iggy Azalea is pretty dead on. The music is a watered down version of what The Postal Service do and the lyrics are sugary, random nonsense. Rihanna – ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’, showing it as a girls night in with them eating nachos and popcorn, and being cursed with an “Evil Throat Froggy”. Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry - A Christmas Special! Good stuff. I think we can all get on board with being thrifty, right? One of the biggest hits of 2012 was a very funny tune called "Thrift Shop." What you know about getting crap from my hat, dude? I liked it, but at the same time found it very annoying, and again this parody shows just what is wrong with it. Lady Gaga (Telephone) 4. I’ve long been a fan of pop music parodies. They are very funny and well observed. Create a free website or blog at The items in this gallery ARE those exceptionally bizarre items, and they are awesome! I mean, I can’t really thrown stones from my glass house, as the title of this blog could easily by an Owl City song title, but this parody was very well observed. Key of Awesome playlist! Katy Perry (California Gurls) 3. Again, it shows good casting choice as Andrea Feczko does look very like Kesha. 5 Funniest Video Parodies of Macklemore's "Thrift Shop". These Are The Funniest Lonely Island Music Videos, The Funniest Disney Princess Parody Videos, Crazy-Awesome Thrift Store Items You Won't Believe Someone Gave Away, 15 of the Funniest Bad Lip Readings on YouTube, Hilarious Christmas Raps We Can't Stop Singing, Top 15 Most Hilarious Jenna Marbles Videos, 10 of the Most Viewed Funny Videos on YouTube, Lip Dubs That Will Put a Smile on Your Face, 11 Seriously Funny Shred Music Videos on YouTube, The Funniest 'Obvious Plant ' Pranks Pulled off by Jeff Wysaski, 12 Feel-Good Websites That Can Put a Smile on Your Face, The Top 20 Funny Viral Videos of All Time, shopping for bizarre finds at the local thrift shop, The Original: MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS - THRIFT SHOP FEAT. This is a well-produced video about smoking pot, getting the munchies, playing video games, and legalizing marijuana. \"dark horse\" meansan unknown challenger who comes from behind in a competition, yo.It don't mean having magical powers or have anything to do with ancient Egypt. Nowadays there are a lot of them out there in various forms, often made online from the start, and I think the best at the moment are from The Key of Awesome series, which is itself part of the Barely Political comedy website. Justin Bieber (Baby) 10. Created by charitable pet network, The Pet Collective, this video features adorable dogs dressed in human clothes, and a clean (totally SFW) riff that involves the words, "This is ruffing awesome." Learn how your comment data is processed. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  Like a lot of people my love of pop music parodies started from Weird Al Yancovic, and ones similar to him, and my first exposure to YouTube was from clips of pop music parodies from Mad TV. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Ironic really, as currently Mumford & Sons themselves sound a bit like Coldplay. “It’s my career I can do a shark jump” (followed by a jumping shark), “it’s my booty I can put it on stuff” (followed by a list of stuff she wants to put it on), and Billy Ray Cyrus turning up trying to cash-in on his daughter’s popularity. The videos in The Key of Awesome are directed by Tom Small and written by comedian Mark Douglas. You all know that I'm a sucker for pet videos and memes, so it should come as no surprise that this is my favorite parody on this list. It is an excellent and very fun take on Shakira feat. 9. First video on Key Of Awesome Vimeo's channel. I even like that the main joke is a checklist of British things (A Clockwork Orange, Harry Potter, Mr. Bean, The Queen, chimney sweeps) because they get so much more right than most American stuff does when they have British characters/settings. Katy:I see the light at the end of the horse?Sphynx:Yeah that's close enough and Photobombed. Facebook! us on Twitter@barelypolitical - - Key of Awesome on Google Play! the songs on iTunes! to the Newsletter of Awesome!! us a letter!The Key of AwesomeP.O. The title says it all. Instead of shopping for vintage duds, this be-wigged pseudo-Macklemore is shopping for pets in the pet shop. Enter the parodies! Who? Pitbull keeps his distance with Ke$ha in… The Key of Awesome - Best Song Never (Parody of Best Song Ever) Lyrics. Plus!My heart of stone is filled with prideGOLD! She has published three web humor books and six calendars, including You Had One Job! Tatiana Owens does a fantastic job voicing both Shakira and Rihanna, she sounds just like them. His videos have great quality and take place on sets that look just like the original videos. I don’t know why, but I found her “Yeah he do that… from time to time” especially funny. This parody does seem quite harsh nowadays, with it coming out that Kesha had to check into rehab and revelations that she had suffered from an eating disorder and allegations of how she has been treated while in the music industry. Key of Awesome #75 by One Direction and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists.

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