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October 25, 2020

NIPRNet Enterprise Alternate Token System (NEATS)

As an "essential worker" who is unable to work remotely, ATIMS thanks you for putting others first and for placing yourself at risk: Medical, pharmaceutical, and research experts trying to understand this pandemic and how best to understand it and save lives. We also take time to learn about our candidates’ ambitions and aspirations so that we can find the perfect match for your company.

This PKI issues certificates on Common Access Cards (CACs) as well as software certificates to support application needs. Thank you!


Provision of technical and analytical support for organizational performance management and improvement at the WHS Enterprise level.

These infrastructures support directory services which provide CA certificates, certificate revocation information, and user encryption certificates.

Cashiers, employees, and cleaning crews working long hours & encountering panicked people blaming you for product shortages such as cleaning and disinfectant products, and toilet paper. Leveraging approved externally issued credentials can reduce overall cost to the DoD and increase information assurance by limiting the number and scope of Common Access Cards issued and managed by the Department.

If you’re not considered an "essential worker," you’re doing your part when you: Stay home with your family and limit your outings & contact with others, which helps to stop the spread. Doctors, nurses, and everyone in the healthcare profession. In 2008, the company identified a considerable gap in the availability of quality jail management software. This allows users to encrypt email to DoD recipients who do not exist in their local email directory. 25. Within this Directorate are a host of programs designed to support all whom are working in the managed and leased building overseen by Washington Headquarters Services. Public key certificates provide digital signature and encryption capabilities, which can be used to implement the following security services: Public Key Enablement (PKE) is the process of ensuring that applications can use certificates issued by a PKI to support identification and authentication, data integrity, confidentiality and/or technical non-repudiation.

Mission Support (MS): Provides management of energy & environmental compliance, occupational safety & health services, and the fire & life safety program, as well as measures concerning transportation management and the mass transit benefit program, FSD's financial info and performance metrics are also managed. ATIMS is working remotely to help with this new normal in America. ATIMS is a division of the ACT•1 Group of companies. Our Branches are, Alterations Work Group (AWG), Pentagon Building Management Office (PBMO), Property Management Branch (PMB) which also includes Defense Post Office (DPO) and Pentagon Heating & Refrigeration Plan PHRP).

Plus, each placement is covered by an unconditional guarantee. Additionally, registration of a spouse as a dependent will ensure that monthly Family Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance (FSGLI) premiums will be correctly deducted from the member's pay. ATIMS began in 1999 as DSSI, a leading provider of law enforcement and corrections software to meet the rigorous demands of state and local agencies. More specific guidance on requirements for the operations of the DoD PKI are described in the United States Department of Defense X.509 Certificate Policy. All rights reserved, ATIMS is an ActOne Group Company.. ATIMS is a equal opportunity employer. Limit your purchases to Just what you need now, so that all can purchase some of the limited available products. GDS is responsible for hosting DoD PKI and ECA certificate revocation lists (CRLs) and intermediate Certification Authority (CA) certificates. © 2020 ATIMS.

With Mission Search, you have a partner who helps you capitalize on local and national trends so your team can adapt to the future. Government staff & journalists: The people who make difficult decisions that affect all Americans, and those who provide timely notifications to ensure everyone has the information they need to stay safe. The NPE system provides more streamlined issuance of PKI certificates to devices (e.g., workstations, web servers, network equipment) and services on both the NIPRNET and SIPRNET. In 2008, the company identified a considerable gap in the availability of quality jail management software. ID Cards & Access. This includes conveying information about IT Service Provider operations, initiatives and issues to WHS leadership and stakeholders, monitoring projects, researching and escalating issues to IT service provider leadership. For more information on when to use OCSP versus CRLs, please read our Certificate Revocation Checking slick sheet.

If you need immediate assistance contact the Help Desk at 818.428.6195, or enter a Jira ticket on the. ATIMS is a Joint Venture Archangel Technologies, Inc. and Mission Search, DBA: ATIMS is a Joint Venture providing unlimited Para ACR Accreditation support for VA, DOD, and Commercial Radiation Oncology Centers. DoD 411 is available via both HTTP (web browser) and LDAP interfaces and can be configured as an address book within Microsoft Outlook.

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